Big Brother 2010: Mario Mugan finishes in third place

Mario Mugan has been evicted from the Big Brother final in third place. He may have been the last original housemate to enter the house this year, but third place isn’t a bad result for a guy who’s rubbed himself against most of the male housemates and streaked around in his underwear a lot.

Mario entered the house on the Big Brother launch night as the official house mole and started his time sabotaging various things under the guidance of the Tree Of Temptation. He took an instant shine to Ben Duncan, but their relationship would be by turns affectionate and antagonistic.

He’s been quoted as saying that his time on Big Brother has ‘saved him’ from some dark times.

Speaking to Davina McCall, Mario said that his time in the house was a constant stream of experiences. And he reveals that the big secret he’s been keeping is that…he has no secret. Grrrr.

He talks about his relationship with Ben, but claims that Ben’s a total player and was leading him on. He admits that when Ben spurned him, he took that badly and hated him (so that explains the random hostility!). Davina mentions that when Ben left, he faded a little. Mario admits that he was close with Ife and Ben and was hurt when they left the house.

On his relationship with Andrew, he said “I like to think of myself as a Jedi Knight and he was my Padawan.” Geek.

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