Big Brother 2010: Take a look around the last ever Big Brother house with us!

It’s coming. The beginning of the end for Big Brother! The Series 11 pre-publicity has begun, including press tours of the Big Brother house, which were conducted today.

For its final series, the Big Brother house has had a really lush makeover, with subtle lighting and wooden fixtures and fittings. It all looks pretty sexy, with glass partitions reflecting lights, but leaving the house more open with nowhere really to hide.

Let me take you on a tour of the Big Brother house, starting with the entrance steps. The housemates will totter down these stairs after they run the gauntlet of press and baying (or heckling) fans.

For the first time ever, the doors to the Diary Room (and the main hallway) as completely see-through. It means that the housemates will be able to watch as evictees from the house walk up to the exit on Friday nights. Love the detailing on the door, the birds and leaves.

In the Big Brother bathroom, the wallpaper has been specially designed with illustrations of Davina and former housemates and paparazzi, but done in a sort of Japanese style.

Ah, the bedroom. Doubtless, the Daily Star will be pondering whether housemates will be locking groins on these swish new beds. Notice the picture of the clown’s face above the window?

The Big Brother dining room. The dining table now looks out on the garden. Love the fact that they’ve got chickens in this picture. But are they real or fake? Oh, I really hope they bring back live chickens for the final.

Another view of the kitchen/dining room area.

What’s that? Looks like outdoor showers and a hot tub in the back garden. Well, it’s a basic necessity of life, isn’t it?

The Big Brother living room. One big, long curvy sofa. With all that cool lighting and the dark ceiling, it feels warm and cosy and cavernous, doesn’t it? That’s the main staircase beyond the glass partition, and I think the bedroom is off to the left…

A wider look at that living room. Plush, swirly carpeting, low level lights on the sofa. And what’s that weird white shape on the ceiling?

Loving it so far? Well, we’re planning on keeping a close eye (get it?) on Big Brother this year. If you want to get the latest chat and opinion, join Shout’s Big Brother Fans group and you’ll get daily updates! For free!

Big Brother starts on Wednesday 9th June 2010 on Channel 4. In case you need reminding…

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  1. Rosie-Lee

    Superbly done.  They have excelled themselves this time.  Just one problem for me – Clowns.  One sight of that clown’s face would have me screaming back up the stairs again.


    I applied for it this year but I think they have more chance of getting Madge in then me, I kept changing my mind and I am still unsure if I signed a contract ….but at least I am safe as they have there contestants but the producers need to theme it up abit this year I think lol I Hate clowns I HATE THEM, I go insane I HATE CLOWNS!!!!

  3. The Roberts Clan

    Loving the new house and looking forward to being glued to the last ever BB can’t wait to see what they have in store for the housemates and who from the previous series they’ll draft in.

  4. Seaslave

    The house looks absolutely fantastic.  I’m gutted that this is gonna be the finale.  I’m just truly hoping that the inmates are gonna be exeptional this time though and hope that some of the old, favourite contestants will be there.

    This time tomorrow we will know who they’re all gonna be and hopefully the live streaming will be on too.


    Bring it on Big Brother………………. xx

  5. The Roberts Clan

    So who would you really like to see back in the BB house this time around or definately not want to see?

    There are so many I would love to have back in but I really hope that they don’t put back the predictable ones like Nasty Nick and Nikki ‘Who is she?’ Grahame back in.


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