Big Brother- 4 Weeks To Go!

Big Brother has been an interesting and strange series with loads of twists and secrets and lies. Now with only 4 weeks to go, I take a look at who might be crowned victorious.

From fake housemate Michael to the secret house with Dexter and Gina, this series has been one to watch. I have enjoyed all the twists and turns and think it’s got better as the weeks have gone by. With one of the potential favourites to win leaving this week with Sophie, Sam and Dan up for eviction, the final five is bound to have a couple of surprises.

Callum: Sometimes I think he is nice but most of the time I think he is playing a game. After being fairly liked in the house, he has now become quite unpopular after being said to be ‘too nice’. He is also after Charlie which can be a bit tedious to watch. I think he was lucky to stay on Friday and he could potentially go next week. I don’t think he will make the final.

Charlie: I originally thought her mum Jackie would last longer than her and I was really shocked when Jackie started getting unpopular and Charlie more popular. However, although sometimes she seems fairly nice, she loves all the attention that Dexter and Callum are giving her. Also she comes out with stuff without thinking which upsets the others. I don’t think she will make the final but she will get quite close.

Dan: I started off liking Dan when he first came in, then when he got friendly with Hazel he became quite two faced and was very manipulative.  I really didn’t like him but the last two weeks I have started to like him again and now it’s a shame he is up against Sam and Sophie. I think if he does stay this week there is a good chance he will make the final and could potentially win.

Dexter: Dexter is a strange and interesting character and like Dan, I have changed my mind several times about him. He was funny in the house with Gina and I really started to like him in there. For some reason, he is quite likable. However, the whole fancying of Charlie has started to get on my nerves. Hopefully he will back off because now that Sophie, Dan or Sam is leaving on Friday he could be in line for that fifth position.

Gina: Gina has had a surprising turnaround from when she first went in. I thought she would be voted out the first week but instead she stayed and now the public love her now and her funny ways. I think she is quite a nice girl although sometimes very spoilt but she was hilarious in the safe house with Dexter. I think she has a very good chance of winning as long as she doesn’t do anything wrong and she gets enough backing.

Hazel: Hazel seemed to originally be quite nice and I thought she could have been as popular as Louise and Sara from the last two years. However, all the stuff with Daley, the flirting and his eventual exit (although mostly his fault) made her hugely unpopular and really she is on borrowed time. Soon as she goes up, next week or whenever, she will be booted out.

Jack and Joe: The twins looked like they would create humour and fun in the house. However, they can be quite two faced and both get moody sometimes. Their arguments are very funny and their relationship with Sophie is nice but the pair don’t really have a great chance of winning. I think they will possibly make the final 5 depending on how they are over the next couple of weeks.

Sam: Sam has been fairly quiet in the house and we haven’t seen a lot of him. Sometimes we see him making funny comments and he genuinely seems like a really nice lad. He would have definitely made the final five if he hadn’t been put up this week. Now I think there is a good chance he might go because of the other two. He can be really funny though when talking to others and it’s a shame he hasn’t been louder.

Sophie: Again she has been fairly quiet in the house. She has been quite funny in the tasks she has undertaken like the one where she had the camera on her head. She really seems like a nice girl and her relationship with the twins is quite nice to watch. She hasn’t been really two-faced about everyone and if she stays on Friday, she will make the final and could possibly win if we see more of her over the next couple of weeks.

So originally I would of guessed the final five would have been Gina, Sophie, Dan, Sam and Jack and Joe. But now with one of them going, I think Dexter will be the one in there. I think it’s very likely Gina will win the whole thing. Emma is still doing an amazing job as host and I really like Rylan on BBOTS. AJ works quite well with Rylan.


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  1. Past my sell by

    I can never concentrate on anything Rylan is saying these days…I am too distracted by his teeth!  Whoever told him that that was a ‘good look’ wants their head examining.  He was much better the way he was.  He is, however, a natural presenter for BBBOTS.

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