Big Brother- A Look At The Housemates!

Big Brother is back again for another series with Emma Willis replacing Brian Dowling as the main host. We have 16 housemates in the house for the next couple of months and its set to be an interesting series.

It was interesting to see the exit of Brian which was a shame but I was pleased when it was announced Emma was going to be taking over the role. She didn’t disappoint on Thursday night and reminded me of Davina in many ways. We were introduced to half the housemates on Thursday then the rest of Friday as well as people puppet Michael. He will be doing tasks set by the public as well as causing mayhem in the house. It will be interesting how long they will make him stay and if he could possibly win in the end.  Who might win the whole show?

Callum: Callum has been fairly quiet so far after appearing quite arrogant and loud in his video. I’m sure he will come into his own soon but I don’t think he’s got a good chance of winning.

Charlie: The daughter of Jackie, we didn’t really see much of her as an individual. It will be interesting to see the dynamic between herself and her mum. I don’t think she will win.

Daley: Daley is quite a good looking boxer and got a good reception going in. I think he will be staying quite a while yet and will get on with everyone in the house.

Dan: The policeman seems very sweet and I bet he will get on with everyone in the house. We already saw him trying to break up an argument and I think he will try and be a peacemaker. I think he will make the final.

Dexter: He is one of the most interesting housemates. He said he didn’t care about what people think and has no friends but I think he is insecure. I think the public might actually get to like him.

Gina: I think that Gina will be hated in the house and has already had a row with Sally. I think the public will vote her out straight away if she keeps acting spoilt. She will be interesting to watch.

Hazel: I think that she seems quite nice and reminds me a lot of Louise that was in a couple of years ago. I hope that she stays nice as she could go quite far and doesn’t get bitchy otherwise she will be voted out.

Jack and Joe: Twins Jack and Joe seem lovely and will provide us with some funny moments in the house I think. I think they will get really far in the show and could win as long as they aren’t shy and hide away.

Jackie: The mum of the mum and daughter seems lovely and a bit crazy. I think she will be very popular with the viewers and will embarrass her daughter. She will get further I think in the show.

Jemima: She made me cringe when she was flirting with Sam and seems a bit of a cougar. She seems like she might irritate people and could be up for nomination quite quickly.

Sallie: Sallie seems to speak her mind quite a lot and will upset people in the house. However, I think the public might actually get to like her and she will make interesting TV as she’s so opinionated.

Sam: The ‘Harry Styles’ lookalike seems very sweet and I think the housemates will try and look after him. If he is funny and nice I think he will make the final and could be a potential winner.

Sophie: She seems like a lovely girl and reminds me a bit of Josie a few years ago. She seems like she will get on with things and seems quite down to earth. I think she might make the final.

Wolfie: She seems really fun and is already quite popular with the viewers and the housemates. I think that she will make the final and again could be a potential winner.

So who will win? It will be interesting to see how they develop over the next couple of months but for now I think it could be Wolfie, Sam, Jack and Joe or Dan

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  1. Past my sell by

    I’m sorry, but am I the ONLY one here that thinks that every one of these housemates was hand-picked, ie put forward by their Agents?  I watched just about every one of the BB auditions that was uploaded to the BB website (the way they auditioned this year was by Youtube video and not by one-to-one interview, which used to involve queuing up for ages, playing silly ball games, mind games and whatever else games before getting through to the second round) and not ONE of those housemates was in the house…seems like it is another Josie Gibson fix…I love Big Brother but am a bit disillusioned by the whole house-mate picking process.  I SHOULD BE ON IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. slaneyvalley

    I’m not as keen on this BB as I hoped I was going to be. It seems to me that the producers totally ignored any YouTube auditions and it does look as if some of these HMs were indeed hand picked. In fact some appear to be mini celebs even before they entered the house. Dexter was in the news, Sallie a well known model (although I had never heard of her) etc. From what I have heard the researchers of BB went around the pubs and clubs in various cities to look for potential HMs and agents pushed their clients foward. Very unfair on the general public and for those who did audition via YouTube. Past my sell by – I’m not sure if it is worth the hassel in future.

  3. slaneyvalley

    I’m not as keen on this BB as I hoped I was going to be. It seems to me that the producers totally ignored any YouTube auditions and it does look as if some of these HMs were indeed hand picked. In fact some appear to be mini celebs even before they entered the house. Dexter was in the news, Sallie a well known model (although I had never heard of her) etc. From what I have heard the researchers of BB went around the pubs and clubs in various cities to look for potential HMs and agents pushed their clients foward. Very unfair on the general public and for those who did audition via YouTube. Past my sell by – I’m not sure if it is worth the hassel in future.

    1. Past my sell by

      By the way, nice to know someone else is watching it too…seems we only get to chat on here once a year when BB comes on!  wonder where the others are?

  4. JoPalmer

    I understand what your saying as it does appear they might have hand picked them. There’s also big claims about gina now too as she may not be the ‘rich socialite’ they are claiming her to be. I am enjoying the show though, the zombie task has been quite good. Shame Michael left so early though

    1. Past my sell by

      Yes, Michael was the show’s saving grace.  I didn’t like Gina, and still don’t but at least she is entertaining whereas Jemima seems like the biggest know-all and Sophie, who I thought was going to be the Josie Gibson clone is turning out to be pretty boring.  I come on here to vent my feelings about the show as none of my family are watching this series….they all feel that BB has run it’s course and is full of showbiz wannabees or reality star failures.  When are they going to realise that we want to watch normal people in an abnormal situation without all the pretence?  I also think they are trying too hard to copy the Celebrity Jungle formula of treating them mean…ie isolation and no food…this does not make for a very amusing watch.  By the way, if someone told me that a fly was talking to me I would go out of my way to avoid conversations with that person…unless the fly had a white head and was shouting ‘Help me! help me! as was Vincent Price in the original film!

  5. Past my sell by

    Well, I think I’ve heard it all now…so Callum thinks he is super-intelligent?  He reiterated a story where Charlie has described their relationship as ‘Plutonic’…I think he means Platonic…unless he thinks he is the God Pluto?  What a nob!  sorry, Plutonic Nob!

    1. slaneyvalley

      Lol, that was so funny from a deceptively intelligent person. As from today (1st July) they have stopped Live Feed which was on every day on 5* and will only now be on Fridays, either before or after evictions – I think this is a shame. Apparently it is down to the ratings (or lack of) but it was one way of getting to know the HMs other than the hourly evening show.

      I don’t have a favourite but I do find Dexter entertaining. Dan seems to think he is still a detective & I would find him a pest if I were in there. James Cordens twin brothers are annoying (in my book). Hazel is very sexy (a bit like Noreen) but not really offering much. Jackie is not doing too bad but the show itself might outpace her – it might be difficult for her to keep up. Charlie has the foot in mouth syndrome with the Plutonic Nob not sure where he stands (maybe he does fany Mother and Daughter). Sophie seems to be jealous of Hazel and appears to want to split Hazel and Dans friendship up. Sophie is one of those who each week will slip under the radar, get to the final and might even win it whilst not having contributed much to the house or for the viewers – we have seen this with past winners who didn’t deserve to win. Daley and Sam just seem to be extras. Gina is Marmite, she can be explosive which keeps the show entertaining but the most manipulative HM (imo) has got to be Wolfy. She reminds me of Lisa (a few years ago) who constantly talked, in a bad way, about Freddy ensuring Freddy was up every week (until Freddy spoilt it for himself) – Wolfy is doing the same regard Dexter. Holding court where and when she can with a little group to talk about who she doesn’t like and therefore persuading others to think the same. Not sure if I have left anyone out. I agree that BB should have kept Michael in for longer – at least three weeks. His departure seems to have cut short the ‘Secrets and Lies’ from the show and I thought he was a great actor. He said he was from Cork and as an Irishman myself he certainly didn’t have a Cork accent, nevertheless he was fun to watch.

      Getting back to something you memtioned earlier Past My Sell By. Where are our other friends on here? I so miss Rosie and Strassto and their input and opinions on here, especially on BB time. It does seem this is the only time of year when we come onto the forum and it is good to see you back here.

      1. Past my sell by

        Thanks for that slaneyvalley..I never realised just how much I missed giving my much-needed opinion on here!  My family think I have a screw loose to watch it so I’ve no-one to discuss it with apart from on here.  I’ve only watched the live feed a couple of times so won’t really miss it, although on the times I did watch it I realised just how mind-numbingly boring it must be to spend 24 hours with these people…at least we get a condensed version. I think your view on the housemates is very perceptive and certainly so about Wolfy…she is starting to grate on me ..not only how she plays the ‘fat’ card ..”I wake up with this every morning” (pointing to the pile of flab on her stomach)..but the way she eats with her mouth flapping open…one of my pet hates..where have manners gone to these days? She pointed to her fat like she had no choice in the matter (exercise and diet spring to mind) and then had a go at Charlie for daring to say she felt a bit ‘fatter’ in the house..then immediately went on to say that she was happy in her skin.  I don’t think so.  Lots of overweight people use that one!  I know, as someone with a bit more meat on me than I should have, that although I am a happy person I would love to lose a bit of weight…but without dieting or any effort put into exercise!  I know what you mean about Gina…I didn’t like her at all but she’s grown on me a bit, although I don’t like what she stands spoilt brat but I have to admire her for eating the eyeball mixture…I would definitely not have done that!  As for Callum’s story about sleeping with a mother and daughter even though he didn’t know they were related as they were separate incidents it just shows you how many lies people tell just to be picked as a housemate.  When I auditioned I was waiting for my filmed interview and the boy sat next to me said that he had slept with another male in his grandma’s bed just to be different and get noticed and some of the other auditionees said far worse than that.  I think you should be made to provide proof of all these wild claims ..maybe that would stop the boring ones getting in on the strength of a few lies.  I’m looking forward to tonights episode though, after watching the task the other day…I particularly liked the egg-smashing on the head!

  6. Past my sell by

    Deep thinking Charlie? more like stating the obvious Charlie…and if I have to listen to one more…”yeah yeah yeah, no, no, no” I think I might just scream…in answer to a question, one “yes” or one “no” will suffice thank you Charlie….”hundred percent!” (another one of my pet hate phrases).  I’d love to know how many, if any, of these housemates were picked from the general public..I doubt if Dexter, Hazel, Sophie or the twins had to make an audition video and stick it on Youtube…well I for one didn’t see one. I’m glad Callum is out..he was about as annoying as Charlie.  

  7. slaneyvalley

    Did you know that Charlie and her then boyfriend appeared on a series of Super Crimpers? Sam once appeared on an edition of Deal or No Deal, it makes me think (I mentioned previously) that many of todays HMs appear to have agents, which I totally think is unfair and gives them a head start when auditioning for a TV show.

    I would really like to see ‘Foot in Mouth’ Charlie out next and I don’t have an outright winner in my thoughts. I was supporting Dexter for some time but I was so pleased the way Sam challanged him last night and now Dexter has gone down in my estimation. I didnt’ think Callum was all that bad, more misunderstood. One HM I was (am) really pleased to see the back of is Dan – you can take the man out of the police force but not the police force out of the man. He was doing my head in with all his detective notions. Gina makes me laugh, twins annoy me. Hazel is extremly attractive but I still can’t forget her nasty attitude and why didn’t she tell the full house (HMs) about what happened in safe house with her and Daly? Sophie’s London accent is like having Eastenders on in the background – a programme I hate with a passion – so her voice irks me. I’m glad a lot of the strong characters have left as, at last, we are getting to see what Sam has to offer. Up to now not a lot but I did like the way he confronted Dexter. So for me – at the moment – I would like to see Sam and Gina as the final two. Have you being enjoying it ‘Past My Sell By?’

    1. Past my sell by

      Yes slaneyvalley, even though I disagree strongly with how the housemates are picked I have to say that I am glued to the screen each in the family is allowed to disturb me when I’m watching it!

      I can’t say I’m surprised to learn that Charlie and Sam have already been on the t.v. just disappointed to think that the general public haven’t a hope in hell of getting on BB.  I cannot believe that out of all the people who posted Youtube auditions not one was a suitable candidate for the programme.  

      I agree with you that Gina does, sometimes, make us laugh and I can see that she has some moral values but most of the time her ‘worthier than thou’ attitude really riles me and her cavalier view of money is sickening.  On the plus side she is very watchable and I suppose without her and Hazel’s bickering the show would be quite boring but I really don’t want her to win.  I think I saw somewhere that she already has a t.v. show about fashion lined up for when she comes out and she certainly doesn’t need the BB prize money.

      I loved your comment about Sophie’s accent!  It grates on me too which is funny as I really love listening to Mickey Flannagan:-) On the whole I think she is a decent person but the people who edit the show haven’t really given her a lot of air time.  In fact, the only people getting the air time are Gina (mainly), Dexter and Charlie…and there is something sneaky about Charlie that I just don’t like.  I much preferred Hazel and was shouting out at the screen last night for Charlie to be fact I actually spent 35p and voted to evict her, but the public have obviously not forgiven Hazel for supposedly trying to steal someone else’s boyfriend (I think Daley was much more responsible for that palava because he always said he either didn’t have a girlfriend on the outside or wasn’t sure..sounds like cake and eat it to me).  I liked Hazel for being straightforward and attacking all the tasks, especially the snout-eating challenge!  I would NOT have done that!

      I don’t have a clear winner either because none of them have been particuarly outstanding…Sam might win on sympathy alone which is wrong as he isn’t asking for any ..I think he has been quite amazing coping with all the conversations in the house and I applauded Callum for helping him understand them, whether I liked Callum or not.  I do find the twins annoying at times but I have to say that I think they have definitely been the most entertaining housemates and are not trying to be anything other than they are in their everyday life.  Anyway, I shall be watching every episode to see if any of their personalities change as they get nearer the winning post.

  8. Past my sell by

    What a disgusting piece of work Gina is turning out to be!  How she has the cheek to have called Hazel such horrible names is a mystery to me as she is clearly deluding herself that she is ‘classy’. Money does not buy class! Seems to me that Sophie only heard Hazel’s comments during the hair-drying argument…if she had heard Gina’s vile turn of phrase she would realise that her loyalty to Gina is misplaced.  GET GINA OUT!!!!

    (sorry..keeps saying Server Error when I save the comment….Administrator…please remove the duplicate if possible).

  9. slaneyvalley

    You are so right Past My Sell By – in my last post I actually mentioned that I would love to see Gina and Sam as the final two but what a horrid nasty piece of work Gina has turned out to be. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. I wasn’t a big fan of Hazel’s, especially with her teasing of Daly and his ultimate downfall but Gina’s victimization of Hazel with Sophie and Charlie as her lap dogs, I found to be very disturbing and uncomfortable to watch. I so wanted Hazel to stay in just to annoy Gina. What a pity she is in the final – thanks to the face to face nominations, which, by the way, Sophie cheated by changing her nom just before mentioning who her two noms would be. Who do I want to win now, probably Sam or Dexter. Sam because I find him sonewhat infectious with his silly jokes and his beaming smile and Dexter because he has been nominated everytime there was a nomination and he has survived them whilst being the only HM in the BB history to have been up every single week apart from the safe house task. The twins, Charlie and Sophie annoy me BUT Gina – Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. need I say anymore?

  10. JoPalmer

    I personally find Gina very funny to watch. She was really funny as the queen bee. Some of the things she said to Hazel were out of order, although I personally was pleased to see the back of her. I don’t think Gina or Dexter should win due to the fact they don’t need the money, although they have been the most entertaining. I think the money would make the most difference to Sam or Sophie and I would love to see Sam walk away with the prize. Charlie has been getting on my nerves the last few weeks, she seems to be leading Dexter on and I think it will be out of her and the twins to go on Fri

    1. Past my sell by

      I agree Gina is funny to watch at times, but I feel a lot of the time she knows the camera has turned to watch her so she plays up to it, acting quite a lot of the time, and boy we know she can act after last night’s secret task when she had to create a scene.  I really didnt like the way Charlie turned on Hazel in the Queen Bee task when she was Gina’s sidekick and I do think that Hazel was victimised on that task, funny to watch but not really fair and when you think about it, a form of bullying (I’m finding Big Brother to be very hypocritical on the ‘bullying’ front…ie critizing aggressive bullying behaviour and then condoning Hazel being singled out for extra stings!)

      My opinion of Dexter keeps changing…I’m beginning to think that he is just a very good actor, pretending to be ‘on a journey of self-discovery’ and then saying he ‘didn’t see’ the higher sum of money left on the board.  I find that hard to believe from someone so calculating in his everyday life, and I agree too that neither he nor Gina should win.  I also think they should have called this one ‘Celebrity BB’ as most of the housemates have some public profile and are definitely not unknown members of the public. My feeling today is that I’d like either the twins or Sam to win.  Everyone’s saying that he has just decided to be more vocal in the house, but I’m sure we were given a very edited Sam in the early days because the other housemates had bigger, more aggressive personalities therefore bagging more airtime.  I think the twins have been very entertaining the whole way through…not sure I would like to be with them 24/7 though!

      I felt very sorry for Sophie leaving last night, especially the way she was substituted for Dexter…but then the public decided that she was the next to go so I suppose it was fair in that way.

      Charlie is still very aggravating, I find her deep conversations to be full of holes and I hope when she watches herself back she will realise just how often she says ‘yeh, yeh, yeh’, ‘I dunno’, eats with her mouth open and smacks her lips together.  Last night she was picking her teeth as well…lovely!  Get Lip-smackery Charlie out!!

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