Big Brother is Back !

Big Brother returned to screens last night on channel five with a bang. After a big send off last year and with a lack of Davina Mccall many people have questioned whether it would work this time.

Everyone thought Big Brother was dead and buried after a final series last year and an Ultimate Big Brother showdown, which saw Brian Dowling, crowned the Ultimate Housemate. But Channel 5 decided to make the brave decision to bring it back this year starting with a celebrity series first. The first difference to the show last night was the lack of presenter Davina McCall. In her place was Brian Dowling who although seems to be an obvious choice did seem to lack charisma last night. As the weeks go on he may improve, as I’m sure he was terribly nervous last night. The house has also improved with an up-to-date gym, a modern pool and a steam room.

As for celebrities, first in last night was Kerry Katona. I can imagine she will bring in viewers with people wanting to see what antics she will get up to in the house. She was popular during I’m a Celebrity and Dancing on Ice so I think it might boost her popularity. Second in was Tara Reid, most known for American Pie. She seems to be a bit ditzy and may annoy the other housemates. Third in was Amy Childs from the only way is Essex. I love the Only Way is Essex but it will be interesting if she acts the same, I fear she may get a bit bitchy. Paddy Doherty was in next, which was a surprising choice. The Gypsy wedding star will be interesting to watch to see his point of view on life.

Darryn Lyons was next in which was a weird choice, as a photographer of the stars wouldn’t normally get called a celebrity. His wacky personality might shone through with the public though. Sally Bercow the speaker’s wife was next in and she seems an interesting character. Going totally against her husband, she seems like she will definitely cause a stir in the house. Actor Lucien Laviscount was next in which was also a surprising choice, although he is popular with the public. The Waterloo Road actor is definitely eye candy for the girls. Next in was Pamela Bach Hasselhoff.  The Baywatch actress will definitely be telling stories about her ex David and will likely speak her mind. Next in was Bobby Sabel, who is fairly unknown to the public. The model is likely to strike a relationship with one of the girls and I can imagine Amy will take a liking to him. Finally the terrible twosome Jedward ran into the house. I am interested to see if we will find out more about them separately and find out their real characters (They cant be that crazy all the time can they?!)

So a strange bunch of celebrities with ones to watch including Kerry, Jedward and Amy. It will be great to see how they develop over the next three weeks and who else may join them?!


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  1. Rosie-Lee

    A quick prophecy:  Sally and Darren to get on well, because they seem bright.  Jedward and Paddy to get on, as Paddy will probably be a dad to them.

  2. slaneyvalley

    So glad BB is back although I’m not a big fan of CBB. And, as usual, I have not heard of half of them as celebrities.

    Sally (how she warrants Celebrity Status is beyond me) and Darren (another non-celebrity IMO) may get on well because of age and may have things in common but I predict Jedward will annoy the hell out of Paddy and get on his nerves. I think Paddy will tell them what he thinks. Should be interesting. Good to see you back Rosie and looking forward to Strattso’s comments but we will have to set up a forum topic that we can get back to easily.

    1. Rosie-Lee

      Hi Slaney!  Good to hear from you again.  Sorry for the delay in replying to your post, but I have dragged my feet a bit with this Celeb BB, mainly because I don’t know who half the housemates are.

      It seems that Sally has been friendly with Paddy, and Paddy unfriendly to Jedward, much to my surprise.  Jedward are what they are, it is obvious to a blind man.  I did read an article where their family said they were mildly autistic, so if that is the case, it does answer a lot of questions.  It cracked me up when they pretended to eat the pasta Darryn made, rather than admit to him they didn’t like it, but actually tipped it down the loo.  Their acting was priceless.

      Kerry seems to wander about spouting drivel most of the time, but at least she is behaving herself.  Bobby will probably be evicted tonight after what he did to Darryn.  I am not a big fan of Daz, but I think what Bobby did was uncalled for.

      Sally blows hot and cold, so not sure about her.  Paddy is rather boring.  The others are floating above my head at the moment.  I will have to pull my socks up because I think this is a short CBB series.  You are right about doing a Forum.  I might have a go at making a topic, if I can drag myself out of this lack of enthusiasm!


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