Big Brother: John James or Nathan who do you want to go?

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This week we have John James or Nathan up for eviction the first time that it has only been two housemates.

Also 2 very different housemates so that will be interesting. John James has been very vocal and got into lots of arguments whereas Nathan hasn’t always been so noticible, he cooks & swears but what else does he do? Lately he has been doing a bit of bitching as well and according to various polls Nathan is way out in front to be the one leaving on Friday.

Which one do you think or do you want to go home on Friday?

I am choosing Nathan mainly because I do not know a lot about him and he isn’t really memorable. John James has been argumentive and I don’t always agree with him but he has been a more interesting housemate, it may also help that he is quite nice to look at as well (sorry I know that is not a valid reason but he is & I love his accent).

Well let us know your views.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    LOL! Trudy chooses John James’ eye candy over Nathan’s Neanderthal stylings.

    I’d want John James to stay for one good reason (since I can keep sex out of it!) – because he’s a little bit unhinged, and I want to see what a few more weeks of cabin fever will do to him. Nathan hasn’t done much to really interest me.

    At the same time, I feel really out of the loop with Big Brother over here (we’re currently sunning it up in Espana) – haven’t seen it in days. Mostly because of a very limited internet connection, which is in the bedroom while the TV is in the living room!

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