Big Brother: Preston evicted in sixth place

Sam Preston in Big Brother

He left the house to the strains of his Ordinary Boys song Boys Will Be Boys. That’s right, Sam Preston is the sixth placed housemate on Ultimate Big Brother.

He found himself locked in a house with his ex-wife Chantelle Houghton after their very public divorce. The couple met on Celebrity Big Brother four years ago and got married in the whirlwind of publicity that was the aftermath. However, the the exes got on fabulously well, which brought back memories of their first meeting.

Preston got grilled by Davina about Chantelle. He said “I think it’s rare for people who are divorced to be in a situation where they have to spend any amount of time together.” Then he got bleeped out for swearing. Ha ha! “It helped me remember the things I’d forgotten about during that period. Because it was really bad…it was really dark for both of us.”

“I hadn’t realised that until today. She took me aside this afternoon and just said ‘I’ve been crying a lot in here’.” Shown a montage of footage of Chantelle talking about him inside the house, he said “Well, I’ve only been a phonecall away this whole time.”

Speaking about his current girlfriend, Preston said that he didn’t know where that relationship was going and he’d have to talk to her on the outside.

On the subject of his fellow housemates, he describes Nick Bateman as “Nice Nick” now. He goes on to say that Big Brother has had a massive impact on his life and it’s “sad that it has to end”. But I think he was playing to the crowd, to be honest.

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