Big Brother Series 13- Early Thoughts On The Housemates!

Big Brother is back with a bunch of nutty and fun housemates that we will follow for the next few weeks. The show has been on for just over a week and we have already had big drama with two housemates leaving and one entering! This is my initial thoughts on the housemates…

So channel 5 has brought us another series of Big Brother after having huge ratings for the channel last year when Aaron won the show. Brian is back again to present the show and we started with the biggest house yet with 16 housemates. Deena had to put up three housemates for nominations which were Conor, Victoria and Lydia. The first couple of days sped by and Victoria left the house after annoying most of the other housemates. We then had the arrival of the wildcard which was Becky who made a dramatic entrance by running round the house screaming and jumping in the pool. We have then had a week of arguments and a funny task and even the start of the romance. On Friday night, Chris left the building after turning out to be quite argumenitive and he was worrying about the game all the time.

So the remaining 15 housemates are:

Aaron:  After being saved on Friday, he is sure to be boasting about how popular he is now. He is a good looking guy and his outfits during the ‘no laughing’ task helped to save him. I think he will be put up again this week and maybe will go depending if he goes up against one of the girls. I don’t think he will win!

Adam: He seemed a bit scary when he spoke on his video tape but Adam is a very cool guy who comes across well in the house. He is quite down to earth and friendly to all the housemates. I think he’s a cert to be in the final as the public will like him and he seems like a changed guy from his past.

Ashleigh:  She had one of the funniest entrances and has already shown off her funny side. Her on/off romance with Luke may get on people’s nerves and she may grate on people. I think we will be seeing her for a while yet and people may warm to her so she could be a possible for the final.

Becky: Becky was voted in by the public for her bubbly and lively personality. I think she is a sweet girl and she reminded me a bit of Josie when she went in. I hope she doesn’t get too involved talking about people behind their backs as the public will start to dislike her but I think she is likely to get to the final.

Benedict: The teacher/porn star is now the oldest housemate and I think this can sometimes show. He has been fairly quiet in the house and we are yet to see his true personality. The housemates seem to like him though so I think he will be in for a while yet.

Caroline: Initially I didn’t think much to her when she walked in the house but her quirky personality has shone through. She seems like a nice girl who doesn’t mind to be different and I like her funny friendship with Scott. I think she will do well in this competition and could make the final.

Conor: Conor seems to be quite a nice guy but seems very quiet. He seems to get involved with conversations but he hasn’t caused any drama yet. He might be one of those that gets to the final as the housemates won’t vote for him as hes just a nice guy.

Deena: Deena seemed quite fun when she first went in saying she’d boot out the boring ones but then she let us down when she nominated. I think she is worrying about the game too much always worrying about nominations. Her little argument with Becky was quite silly after all it’s a game. She will be one of the next out .

Lauren: Lauren seemed fairly nice when she went in but she doesn’t click well with the other girls. She seems quite two faced after nominating Luke S then hugging him straight away. I think she will be put up for nomination soon and I don’t think she will make the final.

Luke A: Luke was very popular when he went in and was so down to earth about the fact he used to be a woman. I liked his personality straight away but he has gone very quiet over the last week or so after the big reveal. I hope we see him more in the house but I think he will make the final anyway.

Luke S: I didn’t think he would be the guy everyone fancied but the girls all liked him especially Ashleigh. He seems ok but I think he might be playing up a bit for the cameras. I don’t think he will be nominated just yet but I think he will be interesting to watch.

Lydia: She annoyed me straight away going into the house and she has moaned since. Her reference to her super famous boyfriend will be a memorable moment this series. I think she is game playing quite a bit. Soon as she’s up again I think she will go.

Sara: She is a very pretty girl who will be liked by the boys. Her personality hasn’t really shone through yet but I thought the monarchy thing the other night was hilarious and she was a typical drunk. I think she might grate on the housemates soon and I don’t think she will make the final.

Scott: I didn’t like Scott initially but I started to warm to him when he was joking around with Caroline and gueinly seems like a nice guy. I think he handled his grief the other night really well and he still wanted to get involved and handled it very well. I think he could possibly get through to the final.

Shievonne: She’s a lovely girl and I liked her initial task when she had to do impressions of the housemates. I think that she’s quite grounded with them and if she carries on being a nice girl to everyone I think she will make the final as they won’t vote for her!

I think that there are a few strong characters in there and I think it will be an interesting series this time. I think it’s too tight to call it who may win, it all depends how the next couple of weeks go in the big brother house.



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