Big Brother: Shabby has walked

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I am very upset Shabby has walked from the BB house. I know she had a temper etc but I liked her, she was not fake and what you saw was what you got she was herself unlike a lot of the fake housemates in there. She made the house a bit more interesting and I think it will become a bit dull without her.

Also shame on Caoimhe as she said she was going to walk as well but she is still there, bet Shabby feels well let down now.

Did anyone see the row with Ife as I’d heard that Ife had exagerated it all and stirred up trouble, didn’t see it though so don’t know.

Will you miss Shabby?

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  1. Jeffrey Scott

    I’m surprised by the number of times I’ve heard someone has walked away from a Big Brother in the UK. Even the two series I was able to watch had someone ‘walk’ from the show. Is this standard or generally accepted each year?

  2. slaneyvalley

    Every year when BB starts in UK it is often discussed as to who will walk out first (sometimes there is even a bet). In nearly every BB series (UK) someone has walked and this year it was Shabby. Personally I’m glad she has gone as she thought she was a law onto herself, her temper tantrums left a lot to be desired and she was always having a go at another HM in one form or another. Ben, in particular, had to put up with her critising ways (although apparently she mellowed toward hims later). But the straw that broke the camels back for Shabby was when she had an argument with Nathan (yet to be shown on tomorrow nights Highlights show). Nathan didnt take her retorted remarks and insults to kindly and gave her a piece of her own medicne. Shabby was able to dish it but could not take. I, for one, am pleased she has walked and it showed her true colours.

  3. Rosie-Lee

    I think Ife put the rocket in the bottle, and Nathan must have lit the blue touch paper.

    Ife made a mountain out of a molehill.  I don’t think Shabby and Caoimhe meant to upset her with their silliness.  They did apologise to Ife, but she went off on one.

    Whatever any of us thinks of Shabby, I think her bullish behaviour was a bit too much for a group of people marooned in a comparatively small area.  Something had to give.  Just a pity she couldn’t make it until the end.

    Caoimhe should be allowed to make up her own mind about whether she wants to leave, it was not up to Shabby to speak for her in this important decision.  I think Caoimhe should now try to mix with the others and make a go of it.  She was suffocatingly Shabby’s Siamese twin for most of the time.

  4. Gerard McGarry

    Trudy’s first blog entry, and such an important one! Thanks for the update Mrs Pye – you know we’re out of the loop at the moment!

    Sounds like Shabby overreacted one too many times. And brilliantly, Caoimhe didn’t bow to the pressure to leave along with her – which means she’s playing a shrewd game and she’s more ambitious than we first thought.

    And much as I personally liked her fiery moods, I always love to watch how the departure of a prominent housemate affects the group dynamic.

  5. Trudy

    Since Shabby’s departure there seems to be a air of falseness in the house, it’s as if the housemates don’t want to upset each other not very natural as they all try and get on. Can’t see it lasting very long can you?

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