Big Brother – The First Eviction Liveblog

Ladies. Gentlemen. Readers of Unreality Shout. Welcome to the first live [[Big Brother 2010 (Series 11)|Big Brother]] eviction of 2010. We’re on hand with live coverage of the day 9 highlights and everything that happens with the interview afterwards!

So, who do you want to be Big Brother’s first live evictee? [[Sunshine Martin|Sunshine]], [[Shabby Katchadourian|Shabby]] or [[Rachael White|Rachael]]? Join in the conversation below, and lets have an epic Big Brother liveblog tonight!

Wow! Massive circus-themed lightshow outside the house tonight! This is the most exciting the outside of the Big Bro house has ever looked! [[Davina McCall|Davina]] drops a fascinating fact on us – every single year since Big Brother began, it’s always been a girl to get voted off first. And this year will be no different! There’s comfort in statistics…

Following a swift recap of the week’s adventures, Davina reads out the numbers for the nominees. The boos get louder…starting with Rachael, louder for Shabby and loudest for Sunshine. And it ends with a lovely chant of “Get Sunshine out!” Could that be a sign?

Back to the Day 9 recapping. Mario reassures Sunshine that she won’t get evicted while [[Dave Vaughan|Dave]] tells [[John James Parton|John James]] (JJ from here on) that this must have been one of the most volatile first weeks in Big Brother history. Elsewhere, intellectually challenged [[Josie Gibson|Josie]] is trying to picture what a wombat looks like. Sunshine seems to have experience of being attacked by a cockerel, judging by her comments.

Most of the day seems to have been spent lounging in the garden. But Josie and Rachael are in the bedroom. Rachael seems to be still embarrassed about having said she fancies him. Shabby comes along and sits in. Josie says she believes that it’s sexual tension. And talking of sexual tension, Shabby admits she’s ‘got the horn’ for [[Caoimhe Guilfoyle|Caoimhe]]. She won’t tell her because she’s got a boyfriend and she’s not gay. Josie makes a horse noise and trots out.

Caoimhe picks that moment to walk into the bedroom in a bikini and ask Shabby if she wants to get in the pool. Love it.

Josie goes straight to the garden and tells JJ about her conversation with Rachael. He says “I’m not a scary man”, and gets instant disagreement from the others. I’ve never seen sexual tension manifested in such venomous hatred, have you?

Commission Impossible continues

The Commission Impossible task continues with The Totally Rubbish quiz. It seems to involve one housemate per team standing in a commercial bin getting gunked with all kinds of horrible stuff. The red team – JJ and [[Ife Kuku|Ife]] – win, and have to answer a series of questions to get the piñata round. She struggles with the second question – what happens when your boss doesn’t like your work? She should have answered “sacked” but says something literal-minded instead.

Somehow, at the end of all that, Big Brother tells them they were rubbish and didn’t win anything.

The row between JJ and Rachael blows up again to the point where [[Govan Zachariah Hinds|Govan]] realises that he’s become too volatile to be reasoned with. He scares Rachael off and she cries in the Diary Room. It’s not long before Big Brother calls JJ to the Diary Room after this and has a nice, calming talk about how his raising his voice doesn’t help the matter. This seems to have an immediate effect on him, and he realises he’s gone too far.

Lies, Damned Lies

The Tree of Temptation enlists [[Corin Forshaw|Corin]] in a secret task – she has to tell one outrageous lie to each of the housemates. In return, Big Brother will return one suitcase. Corin nominates Rachael to have her suitcase returned. However, if she fails the task, Rachael will be punished. I loved the Tree’s example lie- “You could tell them you’ve never used a sunbed in your life before.”

She goes on a total deception rampage, cornering people and lying outrageously to them. “I don’t know why I paint me nails, coz I’m allergic to nail varnish.”

The Tree isn’t happy with the callibre of Corin’s lying. He tells her to go out and tell one last whopper and he’ll let her win the task. She promptly goes out and tells Sunshine that she might be pregnant. Is that good enough? The Tree seems to think so. She tells him that’s all he’s getting, which is brilliant. She’s such a good sport!

In the nest, the guys are lovin’ the decor. [[Ben Duncan|Ben]] wants to hold a nightly guy’s time in the house.

In the Diary Room, Shabby tells Big Brother that she’s at least been herself. She’s got a heinous temper, but she’s compassionate, she says. Then she tells Caoimhe off for singing during her monologue.

JJ tries to climb down from his row with Rachael. The ins and outs of it are old ground for us, but his talk with Big Brother seems to have calmed him down.

Rachael’s suitcase gets delivered to the store room. There’s a note that says “One of your fellow housemates chose you to have your suitcase returned.” But she doesn’t know who. And Corin does a bang-up job of pretending she had nothing to do with it.

Over to Davina…

Here we go, elimination time. Davina’s in the studio to drown out the baying mob. And she’s announcing the safe housemates first. Shabby’s safe. It’s between Rachael and Sunshine…after an ad break.

Rachael gets evicted

And the first person to be evicted from the Big Brother house is – a complete shocker! It’s Rachael White! The crowd baying for Sunshine was wrong! On a positive note…those photoshoots with FHM and Nuts are within reach!

She receives a rather warm reception from the crowd. They were least hostile when her name was called out earlier, and then end up chanting her name in support.

Davina notes that Rachael’s reception coming out was better than when she went in. Rachael says she felt cheated by Dave when he chose her to replace his nomination. She said she couldn’t point to a reason why he’d choose her.

Davina shows her a montage of her in the house, bemoaning that there’s no-one to flirt with. She’s visibly hurt when she hears John James saying “I f*cking hate Rachael.” We get a rather uncensored view of JJ’s bitching about her. And the natural question – why were you still liking him after the way he treated you? She says he judged her straight away without giving her a chance.

Talking about the housemates. She tells Davina that [[Nathan Dunn|Nathan]] and Josie are very touchy feely. Shabby has a crush on Caoimhe at the moment. And she talks about Mario’s unrequited love for Ben.

New feature – there are housemate goodbye videos, including a weird stammery one from Ben that’s quite disturbing, and one from John James where he says that he regrets all the trouble he caused.

And finally…Rachael gets an opportunity to give a housemate a day of heaven or a day from hell. And to her credit, she chooses to repay Corin with a good day rather than bring hell upon John James. We get to see live the Bob Righter machine lighting up and giving the prediction on a card “Bob Righter’s eyes shine a magic light, Tomorrow for Corin is looking bright!”

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  1. Rosie-Lee

    So it’s goodbye to Rachel.  Good Luck to her.

    I wonder who is next for JJ’s Mr. Angry facade?  Or will he be cautious about his behaviour in case he is nominated?  Sunshine might be a candidate for his “Mr Sharp straight out of the knifebox” attitude.


  2. Trudy

    I think John James will be nominated because of his dislike of Rachel because she went around telling people that he hadn’t apologised to turn them against him when he had apologised. She told Nathan that he’d been shouting at her when they had been talking so he then turned on JJ, so I would say that he will be up next week and maybe David for changing places with her.

    John James was wrong but then again Rachel wouldn’t just accept that he did not like her and kept on at him, maybe because she was not used to men not falling for her charms. Not everyone is going to get on and if she had just left it that they were not going to be best buddies it would have calmed down.

    Personally I find Govan much more nasty and dislikeable than JJ, he is devious and sly whereas JJ was upfront and honest about his feelings.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Y’know, I think John James handled the aftermath of that quite well – after Big Brother spoke to him about his rage, he seemed remorseful that he’d behaved that way. And Rachael left, so he didn’t make the same mistake again. Now he seems to have calmed down. He may just survive that incident.

      Govan I just do not like at all. Totally not what I expected, he seemed like such a fun, light-hearted guy. And in a way he is, but he’s also a complete bitch. I hope he gets nominated, but I don’t think he’s done anything overt to get noticed. Again, he seems to be getting on with Sunshine, who was his arch-enemy last week!

      I want Steve to nominate Dave for claiming he could heal his stumps. I was outraged by that one.

  3. strattso

    I am with you on that one Gerrard, it was cringe t.v indeed.

     But Trudy wonder of wonders when it comes to JJ, we will have to agree to disagree for once.  As you know I was all for JJ, but I really think that his treatment of Rachael was outrageous.  I have been doing what I always do, and taping the live feed all through the night , and watching it during the day. I honestly beleive that Rachael did not do anything that should have warranted JJ’s nasty vindictive behaviour. The table outburst was the best example. All the girls were having a laugh and a joke about how to make the most money out of BB.( which lets face it, was extremely up front, as thats what’s on most HMs minds, but they do not like to admit it) JJ was like a man demented, and aimed all of his rage upon Rachael. I sat here in utter disbelief. There are many ways to show someone that you do not necesarily agree with who or what they are, but to treat another person with such utter nastiness, and hostility can not, in my book be understood, or condoned, even if that person is rather cute. This must be a first for you and I to disagree. I bet it rains now  hahaha!!

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