Big Brother: Ulrika Jonsson evicted in seventh place

Ulrika Jonsson in Big Brother

As the final hours of Big Brother tick away, here’s some news: Ulrika Jonsson is not your Ultimate Housemate. Nope. The former weathergirl/Shooting Stars personality and shagger of Sven finished tonight in seventh place.

Ulrika said that she didn’t think she stood a chance of winning because more established housemates had long-term fanbases. She initially had reservations about going into the house and felt uncomfortable for the first little while.

She talked to Davina McCall about how she made an effort to integrate herself with the group. Particularly with several televised scenes where she kissed Nick Bateman and Rex.

She also talked about how she put her differences with Vanessa Feltz aside. She said “I haven’t met Vanessa in a very long time and I think she’s in a wonderful place right now.”

Ulrika also spoke fondly of Brian Dowling for being a good friend and comforting her inside the house. She told Davina that “every girl should have a Brian Dowling” and said that she hoped he would win.

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