Big Brother update! After the mole, but before nominations…

Now that Mario’s been outed as the mole and that phase of the series is over, we get to see the housemates kicking back a little bit. But nominations are just around the corner, so what’ll happen next? Let’s find out…

We start this evening’s update with [[Sunshine Martin|Sunshine]] and [[Mario Mugan|Mario]] sharing a hug in the kitchen. Has she gotten over yesterday’s Mole-gate? Not quite. He reassures her that he’s got no problem with her and calls her “my little sister”.

More interestingly, [[Steve Gill|Steve]]’s still snoring. [[John James Parton|John James]] grumbles at him for “an award winning performance last night”. [[Shabby Katchadourian|Shabby]]’s got a theory that you’ve just got to go to bed before Steve if you want to avoid the snoring. She also makes the point that if they don’t raise it with him now, it’ll fester until people end up nominating him because of the snoring.

Mario bores [[Nathan Dunn|Nathan]] in the kitchen with an overlong tale of his artistic achievements. Yawn.

Back to Steve’s story. He tells them the gory details of the IRA bomb that crippled him. “Fucking hell Steve, do not move, because we don’t know what’s going to fall off you.” He tells them about somebody setting a dog on him after the bombing. Funny thing about [[Ben Duncan|Ben]]’s posh voice, it doesn’t sound like he’s sincere when he sympathises with Steve.

Sunshine helpfully turns the conversation back to herself – “Look at me, I was depressed because I thought somebody didn’t like me.” But the strategy doesn’t quite work. She later bores Rachael and Caoimhe in the bathroom by comparing cleaning to art.

[[Dave Vaughan|Dave]] continues to talk about being drunk for months on the Holy Ghost. This is awesome. Big Brother gold. Did they search his suitcase for the Holy Ghost and stop him from taking any into the house to get high on? Bah! And Shabby holds court in the living room talking about nominations. Uh-oh. She feels that people are worried about being nominated, and says that she’s worried her personality traits aren’t coming across the way she wants.

Later on, Sunshine and Mario break into a Lady Gaga song. Sunshine may look like Gaga without her slap on, but she sure can’t sing like her. In fact, the way she holds a tune, you’d think the notes were covered in grease. Still, it gives [[Rachael White|Rachael]] and [[Govan Zachariah Hinds|Govan]] an opportunity to bitch about her. It’s the conversation we’re all having in our heads. They think she’s extremely aware of the cameras.

Ben and [[Corin Forshaw|Corin]] have a cultural exchange. She explains the concept of a barncake to him. And they discover a mutual love of chicken salads. Awww…

Shabby expodes…

Shabby gets called to the Diary Room. Uh-oh…we know what’s coming next, don’t we? Yes, Big Brother is pulling her up about talking about people nominating Steve for snoring. She argues that she’s not planning to nominate Steve, but Big Bro is ready with the rule books and contends that she might be influencing other housemates on who to nominate. She leaves the Diary Room in a rage and storms out to the snug. [[Ife Kuku|Ife]] and [[Caoimhe Guilfoyle|Caoimhe]] reassure her that she wasn’t trying to influence them, not that it’ll do any good.

Classic moment: Shabby throwing the rule book across the snug and yelling “I DON’T UNDERSTAND! I DON’T UNDERSTAND!” Quick…somebody make a t-shirt with that slogan!

Rachael and Josie have a chat in the snug about the “Hunky Trio”. They like John James, but agree that he’s a pretty boy. They both chat about Nathan and his cooking. Interesting…

Govan and Corin are chatting in the bedroom. He’s still fuming from his row with her yesterday and he’s refusing to get any further involved with her. Elsewhere, Shabby is upset over the nominations ticking off she got. When this girl gets herself in a funk, she really goes to her dark place, doesn’t she? Fair play to her though – she comes out to the kitchen and admits what happened, without naming names. However, she sits beside Steve and rests her head on his shoulder.

Josie establishes that Corin’s a gravy girl.

Ben is in the bedroom obsessing that he might get nominated because he leaves some milk in his cereal bowl when he finishes breakfast. Yes, because people are that petty. He asks them to tell him other things that might cause him to be nominated. Yes, your floppy hair.

Competitive Brain Freeze

The next task is to drink as many frozen drinks in one minute as they can. Each housemate is called to the Diary Room individually to take part. Cue much groaning, burping and retching. Clever old Sunshine observes that if the drinks weren’t frozen it would be so much easier. Duh.

Nathan wins, being the only one to drink all ten shots.

Rachael becomes the subject of a discussion of colour and race. Govan explains to the two white guys in the room how Rachael’s colour is because she’s “half and half”. Awesome. Great scientific explanation. She tells them that people call her “a waste of a mixed race person”. Somebody please explain this to me, because I haven’t got a clue what any of this means…

There’s an interesting conversation between Ben and Caoimhe about Shabby. They’re noting what I talked about yesterday, which is that Shabby mostly hangs out with the girls and she’s not really interested in anybody else. Obsessive Ben is taking things personally again.

Rachael goes to the Diary Room to express her concern that the housemates are starting to divide. She’s also aware that nominations are around the corner. Expecting tension, then.

Oh, there’s a hint of flirty behaviour between Josie and John James in the bathroom…as she shaves her legs. He tells her that he doesn’t go for stunning women. She says “Oh, so there’s a chance then?” and he replies that there’s always a chance. I think I’m about ready for a BB romance now. What about you lot?

Caoimhe goes to Big Brother to request earplugs to drown out Steve’s snoring. Poor thing. Govan and Shabby are bitching about Sunshine by the carousel. Is it just me, or is Govan starting to sound just as whiny as Sunshine?

Nominations tomorrow. Do you think Sunshine will be unanimously nominated, or has Shabby drawn attention to herself with that tantrum?

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