Big Brother Update, Day 7 – Hickory Dickory Dock

Hi Big Bro fans! Here’s our nightly update from tonight’s Day 7 highlights show. Big things are happening in the house today!

The sleeping housemates are rudely awoken by [[Big Brother 2010 (Series 11)|Big Brother]] a little after 10am. It’s a real hard life in that house, isn’t it?

The reason for gathering in the living room is to deliver the results of the nominations. Dave, Shabby and Sunshine all receive their bad news, in that order. But Big Brother has a lifeline in store for the nominees. They can participate in a task and the winner is saved from eviction.

Hickory Dickory Dock

The nominees are called to the Diary Room and given mouse costumes for the Hickory Dickory Dock task. They have to deliver big lumps of foam cheese across rotating cogs. [[Dave Vaughan|Dave]] skids and slithers his way across the cogs like a champion – I’m a fan of anybody who throws themselves into tasks like this, and Dave tackles it like a hero. He completes his task quite quickly.

Next up is [[Sunshine Martin|Sunshine]], who struggles to stay on the platform, and even when she does, she drops a lot of cheese. After floudering pathetically for a minute or so, she simply gives up.

[[Shabby Katchadourian|Shabby]]’s last. Her clown-like skills should help her here, and she does indeed spin her way across the course with gusto. Though she started out a bit wobbly, she really gets the hang of it and wraps the task up really quickly.

Dave completed the course fastest, while Sunshine totally failed and Shabby took almost 4 minutes. As a reward, Dave is given the chance to nominate another housemate. In order to make his nomination, he has to replace the picture of a housemate with his own, and that housemate is up for eviction along with Shabby and Sunshine.

He chooses [[Rachael White]] on the pretext that he thinks she’s the people’s favourite and probably won’t get voted off. It’s interesting that he chose Rachael, because she was one of his own nominations the previous day. Crafty dog. To his credit, he apologises profusely as Rachael breaks down in tears. Govan sulks in a corner, then rushes off to console Rachael.

After everyone’s had a comforting hug with Rachael, she goes over to Dave and apologises for crying and making it harder for him.

Shabby goes for a rant in the Diary Room. She tells Big Brother that she thought he’d choose Govan because of the tension between the two of them. Her thinking is that Dave was playing a game, picking off a popular housemate. She waxes on about there being two groups in the house – Dave, Sunshine, Ben and Mario. In the middle, Steve and John and the rest are her clique.

She leaves with the old cliche about keeping her friends close, but her enemies even closer. Because [[Govan Zachariah Hinds|Govan]]’s a tosser, he asks what the point of nominations are if they were just going to allow Dave to stay. And then, even though he notes that Dave could have put him up for eviction, he has the bad manners to say he can’t thank him because he chose his friend Rachael.

Dave should have told him that it’s ultimately not his problem if Govan didn’t like his choice.

[[Ben Duncan|Ben]] continues his efforts to ingratiate himself with everyone by telling Shabby that the two of them have so much in common. He’s relatively honest with her by saying that she’s sometimes volatile, and that he doesn’t know if she’s acting or not. She doesn’t respond well to that. She takes major offense and walks away. He continues to talk to her like some kind of mediator. Clearly this is how Ben’s playing the game, trying to be everybody’s buddy, but in a shallow way.

Big [[Steve Gill|Steve]] is missing weights. He’s going to resort to lifting people soon.

Shabby’s off ranting and raving in the bathroom. So much for keeping her enemies closer. Ben goes in to apologise, but frankly Shabby scares him off. Incredible Hulk style.

Dave tells how he cured cancer with the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s got video footage of the whole thing. And there we are donating money to cancer charities in the hope of a cure and this douche can just vibrate it out of you. Why hasn’t Cancer Cure Quarterly picked up on this amazing faith-based cure already?

Back to this pointless squabble between Ben and Shabby. I think Ben’s got a point to be honest. He doesn’t explain himself well and I think she’s automatically repelled by his toff accent. Let’s face it, he’s only known her a week, they’re in a house where anybody can have an agenda, a game plan. And she is an actress.

Caoimhe has reverted to stereotype and sings the Fields Of Athenry in a horrible voice.

Dave is called into the Diary Room because he’s been discussing nominations. Did I fall asleep again? I missed that part. His punishment is to read an apology speech in a presidential style. The speech has been prepared by Big Brother. Apparently it was because he said he was surprised that Shabby was nominated and admitted that he hadn’t nominated her.

Time for Rachael to have a moan about being up for eviction. “It just feels dead unfair.” I feel a sympathy vote coming on. She loves the yoof housemates and namechecks them all saying she’ll miss them. She feels horrible because she’s not flirting with anybody and thinks nobody fancies her. Aw…precious.

[[John James Parton|John James]] theorises that Rachael likes him (he’s right) because he’s keeping his distance from her. But he doesn’t quite like her character. He tells [[Josie Gibson|Josie]] he’s not playing a game, he seriously does not like her. He also holds forth that Ben is trying too hard to get people to like him. I like this guy now, he’s got the wisdom of an 80 year old Buddhist monk.

Ben – after telling somebody yesterday that he was raised on toilet humor – confides in Rachael that he can’t get into fart and snot jokes. Dirty liar. Ben’s clearly playing the game here. Moments later, he’s nodding along with John James when he talks about Rachael being full of herself. Classic. Ben’s playing a dangerous game.

John James decides to strike on Rachael. He tells her the way she looks at him makes him feel that she’s looking down on him. She admits that she likes him and she’s not judging him at all. She goes to the bathroom with sunglasses on, then denies she’s crying on the way past. Well, no chance of Rachael going home this week.

Just to wrap up, I notice Sunshine’s kept a very low profile since being nominated. Maybe she’s cottoned on to the fact that she needs to impress the public now…by being quiet for a day or two. I was almost convinced Rachael would jump John James as a way to kick off a romance and therefore stay in the house. It’s not too late for one of the housemates to pull a desperate “keep me in” tactic.

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  1. BBUKFaninNY

    ALRIGHT here’s my 2 cents worth, as a live feeds watcher:


    Firstly yes you missed Dave ‘discussing nominations’, in the kitchen he said “I was surprised aboutu Shabby, I didnt nominate her.


    Secondly, JJ has been absolute bully and terror to Racheal the past 2 days. He’s been having a go at her non stop, and reduced her to tears today during dinner. Of course, JJ gets the good edit. As is BB’s style.


    Shabby is SO going on Friday, she’s getting the crap edit – deservedly so. The house will change drastically though. She is the only one staying up til 4 am with her 2 lackeys Caoimhe and Ife. The live feed will go dead without her at night.

  2. Rosie-Lee

    I am sorry that Rachel did not stand up for herself with JJ.  I cringed as she humiliated herself by making a grovelling apology for something she didn’t do.  Why she fancies the guy I do not know.  His spindly legs dangling over the side of the chair as he sits there, would put me off for life.  He has behaved like a total git.

    I think Sunshine will go.  Shabby may not necessarily be likeable, but she is probably very watchable to the younger audience. And Rachel will probably be OK to stay, as she possibly plots her revenge on JJ.  It could happen.

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