Big Brother Update, Day 8 – If looks could kill

The mood in the Big Brother house is a little calm before the storm this morning. [[John James Parton|John James]] clearly hasn’t hit the reset button on his relationship with [[Rachael White|Rachael]], because he’s still bitching about her in the shower to Josie. Mario, Ben and Dave are all in bed together talking about Sunshine and Rachael’s various recent dramas.

John James visits the Diary Room. Big Brother asks him how he feels about one of his fellow housemates being evicted. He says he’d be upset if [[Sunshine Martin|Sunshine]] or [[Shabby Katchadourian|Shabby]] left. He still harbours a lot of resentment toward Rachael. Out in the garden, Rachael’s baffled by his attitude toward her.

Funny thing about John James is that he can’t adequately describe his hostility to her. He can’t seem to conceive of a friendship between them – just that she ‘fancies’ him, and he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Anyone else think it’s strange that JJ has sex and hatred so inextricably linked?

Commission Impossible

Oooh, George Lamb appears on the living room TV screen. He wants the housemates to test out the pilots of some new gameshows that Channel 4 are considering to fill the gap that Big Brother will leave next summer. Not sure how serious this idea is, but it’s a great concept regardless!

[[Mario Mugan|Mario]] ogles [[Ben Duncan|Ben]] from afar as [[Josie Gibson|Josie]] digs for dirt on his feelings for the plummy voiced dude. To give him his dues, Ben does a great job of ignoring the gay innuendo and just walking away. JJ says “I’m starting to believe that he’s not even a little bit gay.”

Ben and Sunshine are the first up to participate in the task – Old Head, Hot Topic, where pensioners describe an object and the contestants have to guess what it is. Ben gets the first clue, the England Football Team. The next one is Cheryl Cole, which both contestants get right. Ben wins £30 and Sunshine wins £20 towards the shopping budget this week.

Sunshine goes to the Diary Room to confide that some of the housemates are starting to feel the pressure of the house. She, however, is happy because she has curly hair and glitter all over her. Awesome. The conversation thankfully moves on to John James and Rachael and their non-romance.

Ife and Caoimhe are practising the Single Ladies dance routine in the bathroom. In the garden, the Beyonce lookalike is moaning that Dave was lying about her being the most popular. She brings up JJ’s statement about her looking down her nose at people and it doesn’t go down well with him.


George Lamb’s back, and he’s got lame catchphrases “It’ll be a hard act to swallow!” In Munchermind, the housemates have to “eat the answer”. Taking part are Shabby, Dave, [[Nathan Dunn|Nathan]], [[Corin Forshaw|Corin]], Josie and [[Steve Gill|Steve]]. Ah, they have a plate of different foods in front of them, and they have to eat whichever food is the answer to Big Brother’s question.

For example, the first question is “In Ghostbusters, what was Mr Stay Puft made out of?” and they have to eat the marshmallows. It gets a little bit more upsetting when they have to eat raw garlic. Dave, Corin and Josie get the answers right. In a unique tie-breaker, they have to eat everything left on their plates. First one finished is Dave.

Now. Pass the sick bucket.

Back to the drama! Rachael is talking to Big Brother about feeling humiliated by John James. She still wants to change his opinion of her, but at the same time she knows he doesn’t like her. “And that’s sad, because I think he’s fit.”

In the bedroom, John James continues his hate campaign against Rachael. He claims she’s one of the favourites to get booted. But the other two disagree, saying she’s a nice girl. Meanwhile, Shabby overhears the three bitching together – they haven’t noticed she’s in the room with them. Rachael confides in Govan and Josie that JJ hates her “with the hate of hell”.

Dinner Ding Dong

At the dinner table, Shabby claims she’ll be in Nuts with her titties out. Charming. It’ll be their poorest selling episode ever. John James blows up over the talk about magazine deals at the dinner table. Oh, it’s an aggressive blow-up and it’s aimed at most of the girls. Corin shouts back at him that it’s none of his business, and Rachael walks out in tears. Shabby correctly identifies him as “an absolute bell end”. She’s got such a way with words.

Nathan tells them to take their argument outside because “I’m not having anyone ruining my tea”. Love it! I think JJ’s made a fatal mis-step with this one. What do you reckon?

Later in the bedroom, John James tries to back down after attacking Corin. But it’s clear the true subject of his tirade was Rachael. It’s OK for Corin and Sunshine to talk about magazine deals, but not for Rachael. This guy’s bordering on bullying. I thought he’d be a laid back Aussie, but it looks like he’s got anger management problems. Shabby comes in and tells him to stay away from Rachael and not shout at her again. And she does it with some style and subtlety. Well done Shabby!

Mario, Ben and Dave’s cosy little bromance is gathered in the snug and Ben’s holding forth on the girls being like a bunch of washer-women. And at exactly that point, Rachael walks in with some biscuits for them. Oops, proven wrong, Ben. After she leaves, he continues, this time pontificating that Shabby, Caoimhe and the girls are all man-haters. Feminists who’ve ‘stolen’ Rachael for their little group.

Shabby visits the Diary Room to talk about drama central. She talks a lot of sense about not being expected to get on with everybody, but she references JJ’s vendetta against Rachael. Expect an “I like Shabby” post any day now.

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  1. Rosie-Lee

    Shabby’s fizzing temper is probably something that the others might keep away from, so it must have been a shock to JJ when she verbally lamped him.  She is right.  He is a bell end.  I hope she manages to keep her strong feelings in check and doesn’t belt somebody.

    I wish Rachel was stronger where JJ is concerned, but I still wonder if she might get her revenge in some way, as he has behaved in a dastardly fashion towards her.  Confiding in Govan is not a good step, he will probably end up sniping behind her back.




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