Big Brother US – Series 12

Big Brother US – season 12 is set to air July 8th, 2010!

The house guest list will be similar to years past, somewhere in the 12 to 14 range. Allison Grodner has revealed the challenges will be more difficult this year, making the show more interesting for the fans of the show. Of course we’ve heard this before.

So what is the ‘gimmick’ or theme this year? Well pack your bathing suit, we can look forward to a ‘beach theme’. Likely, the casting department has enlisted well endowed women. Mark my words.

What is the future of Big Brother in the US? Considering the huge success of last seasons series, it’ll likely be on for at least a few more seasons. According to Allison, there is no intention of cancelling Big Brother in the immediate future.

As always, “Expect the Unexpected.”

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Well endowed women? Count me in!

    So Big Brother in the USA has experienced an upswing in popularity? That’s interesting when others are dwindling away, isn’t it?

  2. Jeffrey Scott

    Either it’s because of the unique way it’s played in the US, or just a fluke – it certainly is interesting. Perhaps the UK should start getting indoctrinated to the American version. 😉 It may be all they have soon.

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