Big Brother: Who will win?

So we are now one day away from the final tomorrow night. After several weeks of twists, secrets and lies we now have our five finalists. Who will win tomorrow night?

Big Brother seems to have been on for ages and now the time is here to crown our winner. After Sophie’s shock eviction on Friday, it is now a closer than ever battle to the finish line. I really expected Charlie or Jack and Joe to be evicted and was so surprised by Sophie’s exit.  The favourites have been changing since the start with Wolfy originally favourite to win. Gina went from being most-wanted to leave to being top favourite.  I think it’s very much open and think it will be out of Gina, Dexter or Sam to win the show.

Gina: I really didn’t like Gina when she first entered the house and was pretty sure she would be first to go. However, she stayed in the show after Sallie left and her popularity has grown every week. She was amazing in the safe house and is very open about what she thinks. She has been great in the tasks especially the Queen Bee one. She always gives her all and for that reason I would like her to win. Her downfall might be because she can be a bit bitchy and can be quite annoying. From the money aspect I think one of the others deserves the money as she has doesn’t need it.

Dexter: Dexter is one of the most interesting housemates we have seen. I think he is playing a game but he is very likable and has managed to be saved every time he has been up. He gained popularity when he was in the safe house and he has quite a fan base. Again he has been quite good in the tasks and I thought it was sweet when his mum came in the house. I think he has a good chance of winning. The downfalls to him would be the fact he is playing a game and now seems to be playing a game with Charlie too. Also there’s quite a lot of people who dislike him too. I would like to see his reaction if he wins.

Sam: Sam has been the quietest out of the finalists and his popularity has been up and down really all the way through. He is a funny and sweet guy and his personality has shone through more in the last few weeks since there has been less housemates. He was funny in the magicians task and stood his ground when he heard Sophie and Dexter bitch about him. I think Callum leaving has given him more airtime so that was a good move. I would like him to win because he will do a lot with the money and most deserving. The downfalls I guess is he has been quiet during the series and people say he’s boring.

Charlie: I didn’t expect Charlie to last long in the house when she first entered with her mum. She was fairly quiet at the start and has come out of her shell more since Jackie left. She has gained popularity since getting involved with Dexter and also after family nominations when people turned on her she got more support on the outside. I think she has been a bit of a pain with Callum and Dexter and is flirty. But she is quite nice and could be a dark horse to the crown. Her downfalls would be the relationship with the guys and her neediness. I think she will come fourth or fifth.

Jack and Joe: The boys seemed quite fun when they first went in and they have been quite good to watch. They are funny when they are in the diary room together and giving their thoughts on other housemates. They are funny when they get in arguments together. However, they can be quite moody and bitchy and I haven’t warmed to them to be honest. I still can’t tell them apart! They could win if people get behind them, they did get the least votes over Charlie and Sam this week so they might have a strong fan base.

I think it will be Gina 1st Dexter 2nd Sam 3rd Jack and Joe 4th and Charlie 5th but we will have to wait and see. It will be close between the top three.


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