Big Brother: Why did Dave get nominated?

As mentioned earlier on, [[Dave Vaughan]] was nominated for eviction by the Big Brother housemates. He only escaped the process by taking part in a “save and replace” task and winning. He was able to save himself from the public vote and replace his nomination spot by choosing hairstylist and celeb lookalike [[Rachael White]].

But why did the Welsh minister end up receiving enough nominations to qualify for eviction? The only reason that I can think of is that he hasn’t particularly bonded with anyone in the group so far. He remains a little bit of a loner and – apart from the task that reversed his nomination – hasn’t really done anything of note in the last week.

Could it be that the other housemates want to get rid of the clergyman so they can get down to some proper debauchery? Tell me what you think.

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  1. slaneyvalley

    Maybe they see in the house what we don’t see. I personally like Dave and would think he is great fun to be with. Although his laugh might wind me up a bit. Not sure why they nominated him, maybe it is because so many of them are so full of themsleves and sticking to their own clicks that they think the public might not like him. I hadn’t realised he had won the task (which I am very pleased about) and then nominated Rachel. That would be sweet revenge if Rachel had nominated him. Out of the three that are up for eviction (Sunshine, Shabby and now Rachel) I think I would like to see Rachel leave. Sunshine and Shabby (love them or loathe them) would be more entertaining even if for the wrong reasons, whereas Rachel is just a celeb lookalike with noting really to offer.

  2. Rosie-Lee

    I wonder if Dave is not perceived as a possible threat to the others?   I still think he could come up on the outside and be a favourite.  A strangely likeable man, and not as vacuous as so many of them are.

  3. Gerard McGarry

    I don’t quite understand why he was nominated either. OK, i think his bio story – the whole “drunk on god” thing – is a bit rubbish. But he’s been a little geeky, and there’s nothing glaringly annoying that I’ve seen.

    Definitely agree with Rosie – he’s got a bit more substance that your usual housemate. We’ll find out tonight hopefully who nominated who and what their reasons were. I’m interested because he hasn’t had much camera time and I don’t see how he became a target – unless, as you say, we’re missing something in the edit.

  4. Trudy

    Unless things have happened that we haven’t seen I cannot see what Dave has done wrong. Problem is BB has focused on just a few housemates so far so it’s proving hard to get to know the housemates well.

    I do not particularly like Rachel as she is shallow it’s all about looks etc and I can never understand these wannabes who want to be someone else, whats wrong with being yourself. I dislike Sunshine more though as she is irritating and annoying, Shabby is just childish and OTT but could calm down.

    Dave seems harmless enough so maybe it is the religious thing but I’m not sure how much of that is true or not but he didn’t deserve to be up for eviction already.

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