Big Brother- Will it be a success?

Big Brother started on Friday night and we have been introduced to a bunch of new crazy, fun and glamorous celebrities. But will this series be a success and who will win the show?

Celebrity Big Brother did fairly well for channel 5 and now we have started the main series of Big Brother. On Friday night, we were introduced to 14 new faces that will be living in the house for the next two months. Channel 5 has definitely decided to spice the house up with a bunch of under 30’s all who are very confident and most are very good looking. Whether this formula will work is another question but they are hoping the youngsters will have romance and a lot of fun in the house. We also have had the Baywatch star Pamela Anderson in the house for a couple of days, which has stirred up the house.

The girls are more glamorous and very the only way is Essex, rather than previous years where we have had some quirky different girls. Maisy James is a pretty model that is hoping to get a TV presenting career out of big brother. She seems like she could get quite bitchy and seems very arrogant Louise Cliffe is a tomboy model and she is very beautiful. She seems down to earth and could do well in the competition. Alex Rose works at McDonalds and I do feel sorry for her, as she does seem out of the place. The tan loving Geordie seems like a lovely girl and I hope the other girls wont be too mean to her. She could do well in the competition. Heaven Africa is a holistic healer and is trying to take the position of mothering the housemates. She definitely is quite unique but will annoy the other housemates and the public. Pretty Rebeckah Vaughan is a club hostess who hates men. Although she seemed sweet going in and the boys seem to be taking a shine to her, I don’t think she will do well in the competition with the public, as she was already bitchy about Pamela Anderson. Faye Palmer is a female wrestler who seems to be more of a quirky interesting character and she could do well. Tashie Jackson is very confident but comes across as quite arrogant. She seems to love herself and could be one of the first out in this competition.

As for the boys, they are more interesting characters. Aden Theobald is a good-looking lad who is studying to be a psychiatrist. He will charm the ladies (last night we saw him in bed with rebeckah) and he is smarter than he looks. Harry Blake is a posh lad who is fond of fox hunting which wont go down well with the public. He seems like he could be a funny guy though. Anton Murphy is a handsome music producer who also thinks he can be a hit with the ladies. I think he will annoy the housemates and the public though with his arrogance. Tom O’Connell is a Mika look a like who is a fun guy and is bisexual. He could do well in the competition as long as he isn’t too annoying. Mark Henderson is a funny guy who loves animals. He Is already producing comedy and I think he could be a possible winner. Jay Mckray is very good looking and has a nice personality to go with it. The lad from Newcastle will do well in this competition and possibly may have a romance. Aaron Allard Morgan is a nice looking guy but is possibly one of the most arrogant in the house. He won’t be popular with the public and will make groups and discuss nominations.

So the people are quite promising but will this series be a success. Mark and Jay are favourites to win already.

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