Bill Pullman joins the cast of Torchwood: The New World

Whatever happened to Bill Pullman? Well, the last time I remember seeing him was Independence Day or something like that. Ages ago.

The good news is that Pullman is making a return to television – he’ll be a villain in the forthcoming series of Torchwood: The New World that’s being jointly produced by BBC America and Starz. He’ll play Oswald Jones, a convicted murderer who gets out of prison on a technicality. Here’s the official word on his character, he’s a…

dangerously clever convicted murderer who escapes his lifelong prison sentence on a technicality and quickly becomes a media sensation. Genuinely repentant yet boiling with lust and rage, Oswald gets caught up in a terrifying worldwide crisis.

Other casting news is starting to drip through about The New World. Yesterday, Makhi Phifer was confirmed for the much talked about role of Rex Matheson. We’ve heard much about this key new character, and now we’ve got a face to put to the name. Rex is a CIA agent:

a fast-tracked high-flyer with a lethal sense of humor who starts to feel his mortality when his life is put in danger

Both actors – in my opinion – are heavy hitters, well known in the States. It’s clear that Russell T Davies is taking no chances with this new era of Torchwood – big name American TV writers and well known actors are really whetting my appetite for this new season.

Stay tuned for more Torchwood casting news as we get it!

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