Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow – Single Review

The Black Eyed Peas

I don’t know who started it or why, but someone decided that it wasn’t cool to love the [[Black Eyed Peas]]. I remember saying to someone online a couple of years ago that I loved these guys, and how much I enjoyed their inventive hip-hop, but being laughed at for liking the group.

So I, and a few other closet BEP fans have been waiting for to stop fluffing around with collaborations and making Cheryl Cole dance in his videos. We even tolerated Fergie’s album (straight from the Nicole Scherzinger school of ‘stick with the band’).

And to the single: Boom Boom Pow is the lead single from the Black Eyed Peas new album, The E.N.D. My initial impression is that their sound has evolved, but the chemistry of the group remains as vibrant and funky as ever. I was worried about this, because their solo efforts have been patchy. Yes, even

However, this comeback is strong and confident, with just the right amount of bragging in the lyrics about how great they are. Naturally, the current love affair with autotune effects continues apace, and the sound is filled out with a truckload of electronic fuzz. It’s simply brilliant, and I won’t hear any haters saying otherwise. Alright?

Oh, by the way, I think Fergie has possibly the sexiest singing voice in the history of pop music. There’s just something really horny about the way she sings. And does anyone else think her hairstyle in the vid is influenced by the ladies of Star Wars?

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  1. RandomEnigma

    Oooh you got your own back! After I completed the La La Land review before you, you’ve beaten me to the chase in writing a review for Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas. I had just written there earlier today already to go up on this site but hey I agree with you. I think Black Eyed Peas are the most inventive hip hoppers out there and yes, Fergie is a fox!

  2. Gerard McGarry

    Yeah, I just decided it was time I reviewed a few new singles as well!

    The thing I love about the Black Eyed Peas is that their sound is really energetic and fresh. They’re one of the groups where I can genuinely think of nothing bad to say about them!

    1. RandomEnigma

      Well I think I’ll still submit my review at a later date just because I’m pedantic way. Yes, I would definitely sum up The Peas as being energetic and fresh. I can’t understand why so many critics dislike them. I know My Humps wasn’t for everyone but that song completely lost them all critical acclaim. It’s a shame, the lyrics mightn’t be genius or anything but it was still very energetic in itself!

      1. Gerard McGarry

        I loved My Humps! Sure, it was trashy, but it was also suggestive and light-hearted and just good fun! I’ll make no secret of it, I love this kind of song anyway, simply for the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

        By the way, feel free to post duplicate reviews – remember, your blog is your own and you can post whatever you like!

  3. Anonymous

    Are you deaf??? BEP’s are one of the worst singing groups to exist. Mindless lyrics, and unorigional beats.

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