Black Eyed Peas set to release ‘Rock That Body’ as the fourth international single from ‘The E.N.D.’

2009 was a phenomenal year for the Black Eyed Peas. After a four year break, the American/Filipino hip-hop group returned with new album The E.N.D., which stands for The Energy Never Dies and not the end of the group. And why would they want to end with three explosive singles to their name! Boom Boom Pow, I Gotta Feeling and Meet Me Halfway topped the charts all over the World with the former two singles spending a total of six months on top of the U.S. Billboard Charts.

When I heard that Imma Be was intended to be the fourth single released from the album, I was skeptical, believing that the single would not impact outside of urban U.S. radio. Well, someone in the Black Eyed Peas camp are obviously of the same mindframe as myself and Rock That Body has been chosen as the fourth international single outside of North America. This is a much better choice. Despite a lack of Fergie, this song is fantastic. A pulsing, beating electro-hop song with chipmunk vocals, a heavy bassline and a Europoppy, Daft Punk-esque sound. Believe me, it should be tearing up the clubs this Spring. The single is available in Australia and New Zealand tomorrow and released in Ireland on 26 February and UK on 1 March.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    When I heard the album, this was a stand-out track – I always assumed it would be a single release. Having said that, I’ve got mixed feelings on it, I don’t think it’s the Peas.

    As you say, it’s missing Fergie, for a start. And it’s almost too electronic to the point where it lacks any kind of soul. Funny that lately I’ve been gravitating back to the Monkey Business and Elephunk albums. How’ve you found The E.N.D.?

  2. RandomEnigma

    I’ve quite enjoyed The E.N.D. but merely has a party album. Only the three singles that have been released so far, I listen to on a regular basis! The rest of the album is great before a night out. I still prefer the more funky sound of Elephunk and Monkey Business. I still think this will be a great club single but that’s it! It’s the kind of song you’ll love only after intoxication!

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