Doctor Who - Planet Of The Dead, an episode review

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Let's not beat about the bush, Planet Of The Dead was a bit of a damp squib. Considering that we're in the countdown to [[David Tennant]]'s departure from [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]], I think most fans had high hopes for an exciting lead-in to this Doctor's death.

The Apprentice: Bingobustingbumballs

Lorraine clearly caught unawares by the camera crew, because you wouldn’t, would you? Just wandering around like that? And the cameras poking their lens through the bedroom doors to catch them all in their undies? I s’pose it is past the watershed. This week, Ben is the star - for all the wrong reasons. He reckons everyone else’s bum will be twitching like rabbits' noses. Sure it’s because they’re nervous and not just smelling the BS, Ben?

They’re tasked with inventing and selling a piece of portable home fitness equipment - remember the word portable, it’ll be important later. The teams are mixed up - Philip and Noorul to Ignite, Debra is PM; Kim and Kate to Empire - led by James. Let’s hope he doesn’t pull a muscle or catch a finger in anything because we don’t want tears before bedtime, do we.

In Praise of Chuck

In a climate where television shows hang under the threat of cancellation and some promising shows like [[Heroes (TV Series)|Heroes]] turn to mush before our eyes, it's nice to have a show that you can rely on to entertain on just about every level.

And just in case the title and prominent cast photo didn't give it away, that show is NBC's [[Chuck (TV Series)|Chuck]].

To get you up to speed - Chuck is a regular underachiever working in a tech support job at a large retailer. An old college friend emails him a computer programme called the Intersect, a massive database of national security secrets, which gets embedded in Chuck's brain. The CIA and NSA have to work together to protect Chuck, who is the only link to this valuable information. They assign the sexy Agent Walker and gruff Major John Casey to protect him. In the meantime, Chuck has to live his life without letting his family and friends know about his double life as a spy.

Yo Gabba Gabba!

So those of you with children may have heard of Yo Gabba Gabba!, and those of you who like Charlie Brooker (not that I'm suggesting the two are mutually exclusive) may remember a clip of it in an episode of ScreenWipe which disected children's TV. For those of you not familiar, here's a clip to get you up to speed:

In short, it's a "fun, interactive, live-action show for young children aged one and up", which follows DJ Lance Rock and four toy monsters and occassionally cameos someone like Elijah Wood and Jack Black.

And soon Yo Gabba Gabba! will be coming to a terrestrial TV near you because Channel4 think that they can show it on T4 and market it towards a student audience. Worryingly, I think it could fully work in terms of becoming cult favourite with students and stoners everywhere.

Did Eoghan Quigg record the worst album ever?

I published my interview with X Factor finalist Eoghan Quigg yesterday, at the same time as the folks at PopJustice were commenting on Twitter about the quality of the album.

Now, I received my copy at the same time as they got their review copy. Up until this point, I’d maintained a stoic silence after being Eoghan’s harshest critic throughout the X Factor. At that time, I said that [[Simon Cowell]] stood to make more money from phone votes for Eoghan Quigg that he ever would in record sales.

Anyway, PopJustice released their review of the album yesterday, and it has perhaps the most perfect analysis of the song selection and production values:

Lady Gaga’s Lovegame video – Slightly X-Rated

Lovegame is another triumphant electro-pop gem from Lady GaGa. I’m slightly baffled as to where the ‘cherry cherry boom boom’ song went – didn’t we see a video for that a while back?

Anyway, apparently the video for Lovegame is causing palpitations among the guardians of public decency that are the censorship bodies. Well, GaGa has stepped things up a notch – she’s gone from ‘I’ll get him hard, show him what I’ve got’ in Poker Face to essentially wanting to ride his disco stick. Well, it’d be a shame to waste it, wouldn’t it?

In fairness, sometimes I think Lady GaGa boils down to essentially blonde hair and prominent lycra gusset. Which is what Madonna was a few years ago. I’m not sure the look works for either – GaGa has a shop mannequin look that’s sometimes hard to find sexy.

Primeval S03E02 - Monster of the Week: LOLCATS

Okay, well they looked liked LOLCATs and people on the twitterfest kept making lolcat jokes so I can only assume I wasn't the only one to see it.

I think overall it was a lot better than last week's episode by being action-y and adding in relationship bits (a.k.a. Abby and Jenny have girl talk, Abby kisses Connor on the cheek after he tries to rescue her again).

The story of having a 'haunted' house was quite novel though we never really found out what the lolcats really were. The dialogue was great as well - it had it's fair share of humour.

There was the sexiest anomoly special effect we've seen to date which was shot quite close to the anomoly and then a 360 pan. Really lovely.

It did seem, however, they'd split the cast so that they could film two episodes at the same time and as a result we only really saw Abby, Connor, Jenny and new guy Danny Quinn. We did see the others (bar Rex) albeit briefly.

We saw Becker (i.e. Not!Arthur) and he was quite quiet because he's rubbish and clearly only there as a totty replacement for Steven when actually the other new guy (Danny Quinn played by Jason Flemyng) is a lot sexier and seems to have some UST building up with Jenny (and we haven't even seen him with Cutter yet!).

Robin Hood - S03E02 - Cause and Effect, episode review

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The Sheriff and Robin both get themselves in league with Irish terrorists this week, Robin gets sexy Maid Kate's brother killed, and in a bit of spare time, Mr Hood invents the hang-glider. Phew, they packed plenty into tonight's episode, I think you'll agree.

The basic gist of this episode was that some common or garden Irish warlords seeking to seize power in their own lands came over to Nottingham and decided to buy all the males of Locksley village to fight in their new resistance. So the Sheriff of Nottingham has them packaged up and prepared for transport to their new home. But of course Robin has other ideas.

I was waiting for some brief masked comment on Irish politics in the midst of all this, but the only thing I could relate was one brother selling his other brother out for political advantage. Did you spot anything else, politically motivated Shout readers?

Dolls want to record with Adele !! How cool is that !!!

  • Posted on: 4 April 2009
  • By: Jimmy

The Pussycat Dolls has revealed that they would love to record with Adele !! On top of that they have said Adele is a genius !!!

I really want to see this happen because it would be the must unique collabration you see for a long time !! It intresting has Pussycat Dolls has recently started doing not you typical radio song & I think it paying off.

I have no idea what it would sound like with the Pussycat Dolls & Adele on the same record but that what makes me exicted about the idea !!

What do you think ? Do you think it would be a good collabration ?