Genius: Jonathan Pryce-less.

Missed everything he said on predictive speech because The Hobbit and the Old Man wouldn’t STFU. Could be the alternative title for Lord of the Rings, that. First invention: Nick with his blatantly stupid weighing scales shoes - who in their right mind will want reminding all day? I also foresee a lot of bumping into lamp posts. Penny wants appropriate regional accents for weather forecasts - this is my favourite, as long as Jonathan gets the job. The only thing wrong with the idea was Penny herself - the London region should be Queen’s English, she says, spitting out the plum stone. Jonathan says she has attitude. Yes, the attitude of a gobby posh tart.

The ideas that didn’t make it - one-size-fits-all wheelbarrows? I’ve obviously not been using mine properly; back up shoes - a spare pair of shoes in the heels of your other shoes, that’s more like it; 25 hour moisturiser so you can lie in, liking that one even more. And the winner if only they’d put it through - a separate emergency number for the hoax calls!

Top 50 Singles In Ireland: 3 April 2009

Okay just thought I'd give Irish viewers a round up of my opinions on the Top 50 Singles Chart in Ireland as of 3 April 2009. This is basically a rehash of last weeks charts but with any new entries added in afterwards.

50. Stuck With Each Other-Shontelle featuring Akon: A new entry into the Top 50, this is the second mid-tempo R&B single to be released by Shontelle. Soundtracking the Confessions Of A Shopaholic movie, this song drafts in Akon who just seems to be appearing everywhere these days like Timbaland was last year. Well this song is just as accessible, if not more so than previous hit T-Shirt, this is warm and comforting. Perfect for a rom-com really and Akon fits nicely in this track, ditching his signature nasal, Auto-Tune sound for some actual smooth vocals for once. Good but won't set the World alight. (3/5)

Pussycat Dolls – Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) – Single Review

Music blog regulars will know that the Pussycat Dolls have thoroughly redeemed themselves with the (deluxe) Doll Domination album. Jai Ho conveniently repackages the end song from Slumdog Millionaire, giving Miss Scherzinger lead vocals and a background role for the composer, A R Rahman.

Jai Ho alternates between dramatic ethnic verses and uplifting pop choruses. Sure, they go a little overboard with the autotune sometimes (autotune is the modern equivalent of helium, isn’t it?).

My inclination is to crown this the best single the Pussycat Dolls have ever released, actually. The music is amazing. There are overtones of Beyonce and Shakira on Beautiful Liar, but ten times better. The video features the girls looking stunning and doing a fun Bollywood style dance routine. Don’t they look like they’re all having great fun?

EastEnders: Is Danielle Dead?

EastEnders logo

It's not quite a Richard Curtis movie, but tonight's EastEnders packed in a wedding (possibly the shortest in the show's history) and what looks like a potentially fatal accident for poor Danielle. As tonight's episode ended, the undertakers were already moving in to take measurements.

Lording it over the whole episode, sinister Archie striking terror in Peggy for daring to wear a plunging neckline to her own wedding, and skulking around as Danielle tried to reveal everything to a baffled Ronnie. He had all the hallmarks of a modern day Dracula.

I'm not normally a soap watcher, but I'll tune in for special occassions like this. Samantha Janus and Lauren Crace put on an emotional rollercoaster of an episode. Up to this point, Danielle (played by Crace) has been mildly annoying with her perma-constipated expression and fumbled attempts to reveal her secret to Ronnie. In the lead up to tonight's thrilling episode, Archie has been trying to suppress Danielle's secret, once with electrical wire.

The Apprentice: I won't have what they're having, thanks.

The big question: Has Mona never answered a phone before, she looked so shocked! It’s a catering task this week - they’re always fun, aren’t they. Nick already looks a beaten man, just when Sir Alan is laying it out for them. Both Project Managers (Yasmina for the girls; Rocky for the boys) have catering experience so, naturally, it’s going to be a nightmare. We know this for a fact. The boys brainstorm and come up with an Olympic theme, nobody’s quite sure why. The girls go with Mediterranean and managed to con the staff of two offices into ordering their lunch, who immediately wished they hadn’t, what with the no filling in one and the human hair in the other. The boys failed to get an order but did a roaring trade at a queue for a sporting event, although I swear no butter went in their sarnies- first thing I check for. Kate rolled her eyes at Yasmina’s tip to sex up the food on offer at the reception and consequently makes herself look a complete tit when trying to win the business. Margaret has her head in her hands already! The boys go in quoting for a full event when the spec was for a posh buffet!

Holby City Tuesday 31st March

While I realise this isn't a TV show that we would normally discuss, I feel the need to discuss it.

I have never felt so touched by an episode of this TV show before. I tihnk the last time I felt so emotionally moved by an episode of a TV show was when Warrick was buired in CSI Las Vegas.

I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but even if you never watch another episode of Holby City again, then you should this one.

The story begins with a man brought in from a lorry accident. He's in a bad way: bleeding alot. And then the staff start passing out. The surgeons begin coughing. There's only one word that can be tagged on to the situation.


What happens next? Well, watch the episode, but for me it moved me to tears and made me pray. The episode ends on a cliffhanger leaving you wanting next Tuesday to come.

Take time out of your day. Be moved. Watch Holby City.

Snog Marry or Avoid - The TV Show To Avoid

Until this week I had no problem with this show. While I think it does try to destroy individualty, some of the girls so far have needed a reality check. Now this week has annoyed me.

Lara, pretty girl, 27 and phycologist. She was beautiful before: an individual rock barbie. And I have no issue with saying I thought she was sexy.

POD, the personal overhall device and her idiotic boyfriend, had other things to say. First if any bloke I was going out with said I was annoying, they would be immediatly dumped. POD, yes it's a computer, but is voiced by a women who has no sense of individuality.

After removing her alternative clothes, odd hair and make up, she was left as a boring, run of the mill. Why? Because people can not handle individuality.

To add to this, you have Paige, a beautiful 17 year old girl who looks amazing both in her outfits for her dances, and her night outs. I don't see anything extreme about it. POD is rude to her, and takes away the beauty she has.

Don't believe me? Watch the show.


Dollhouse - S01E07 - Echoes, episode review

Dollhouse title

For the seventh episode of [[Dollhouse (TV Series)|Dollhouse]], we get a special treat: an amazing amount of backstory about Echo and a completely stoned Dollhouse staff. Both were highly satisfying pieces of television, and I found myself laughing hard at the antics of the usually intense Laurence Dominic and Adelle DeWitt.

Quick Recap

A student ingests an experimental drug at Freemount College and ends up killing himself by repeatedly banging his head off a window. The incident occurs at Rossum House, which is owned by the Dollhouse's parent organisation. When it becomes clear other students have taken the drug, DeWitt is asked to provide Actives to lock down the college and sedate the drug users.