Holby City Tuesday 31st March

While I realise this isn't a TV show that we would normally discuss, I feel the need to discuss it.

I have never felt so touched by an episode of this TV show before. I tihnk the last time I felt so emotionally moved by an episode of a TV show was when Warrick was buired in CSI Las Vegas.

I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but even if you never watch another episode of Holby City again, then you should this one.

The story begins with a man brought in from a lorry accident. He's in a bad way: bleeding alot. And then the staff start passing out. The surgeons begin coughing. There's only one word that can be tagged on to the situation.


What happens next? Well, watch the episode, but for me it moved me to tears and made me pray. The episode ends on a cliffhanger leaving you wanting next Tuesday to come.

Take time out of your day. Be moved. Watch Holby City.

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BBC announce new kids show: Balamordor


The BBC have exclusively announced through that they are resurrecting the hit children's show, Balamory, introducing a new character, Sauron...the inventor.

Sauron will replace outgoing character, Archie The Inventor, and has rebuilt Archie's castle into a replica of his former home at Barad-Dur. Producers say that Sauron will show children how to craft deadly weapons from toilet rolls and empty yogurt pots.

Some original cast members are reportedly not happy about the new addition to the team though. Suzie Sweet, co-owner of the local shop, was most concerned when a gang of marauding orcs trashed her store during a raid. It is believed that PC Plum is mildly annoyed at rumours of romantic storylines between Sauron and Miss Hoolie.

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Snog Marry or Avoid - The TV Show To Avoid

Until this week I had no problem with this show. While I think it does try to destroy individualty, some of the girls so far have needed a reality check. Now this week has annoyed me.

Lara, pretty girl, 27 and phycologist. She was beautiful before: an individual rock barbie. And I have no issue with saying I thought she was sexy.

POD, the personal overhall device and her idiotic boyfriend, had other things to say. First if any bloke I was going out with said I was annoying, they would be immediatly dumped. POD, yes it's a computer, but is voiced by a women who has no sense of individuality.

After removing her alternative clothes, odd hair and make up, she was left as a boring, run of the mill. Why? Because people can not handle individuality.

To add to this, you have Paige, a beautiful 17 year old girl who looks amazing both in her outfits for her dances, and her night outs. I don't see anything extreme about it. POD is rude to her, and takes away the beauty she has.

Don't believe me? Watch the show.


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Dollhouse - S01E07 - Echoes, episode review

Dollhouse title

For the seventh episode of [[Dollhouse (TV Series)|Dollhouse]], we get a special treat: an amazing amount of backstory about Echo and a completely stoned Dollhouse staff. Both were highly satisfying pieces of television, and I found myself laughing hard at the antics of the usually intense Laurence Dominic and Adelle DeWitt.

Quick Recap

A student ingests an experimental drug at Freemount College and ends up killing himself by repeatedly banging his head off a window. The incident occurs at Rossum House, which is owned by the Dollhouse's parent organisation. When it becomes clear other students have taken the drug, DeWitt is asked to provide Actives to lock down the college and sedate the drug users.

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Primeval S03E01 - Thoughts and Musings, Musings and Thoughts, Squealings of a Fangirl

I have been looking forward to Primeval series 3 since the end of series 2. When my brother asked me 'Doctor Who or Primeval?' it was a huge dilemma for me. Could I pick the Doctor over Nick Cutter? Would I rather experience time and relative dimensions or go hopping through anomolies?

And this year I've been keeping all my Saturdays free in the hope that the first ep would be aired - only to find that it was to be shown on the one date I was out for something I couldn't miss, wouldn't be getting an ITV1 repeat (I don't have ITV2) and hate with a passion ITV Catchup/Silverlight. But anyway, as soon as I got home (at about 11-something) I went onto ITV Catchup to watch immediately and, guess what, it wasn't up yet.


So I watched something on iPlayer (Being Human Unearthed) and then went to sleep. When I woke up today the first thing I did was go online to see if it was there (it was), install Silverlight (argh) and watch it.

Here are some of my thoughts on the first episode.


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Robin’s back but not as we know him…

Sweeping into Sherwood for a new series and we’re meeting Friar Tuck for the first time; he’s looking for someone. Robin’s throwing a wobbler - wouldn’t like to be Gisbourne when he catches up with him. Into a deserted village Robin strides, the curious villagers appear to see him shoot an arrow through Guy’s window and into his headboard. Impressive. The shot, not Guy, who’s really let himself go! It’s the middle ages equivalent of The Benny Hill Show, as Guy snatches a hostage and makes off cross country with Robin, the villagers and the Merry Men, all in lukewarm, puffy pursuit. The girl is freed, of course, but Robin is thrown over the precipice. Where’s the body? It’s in the sand! Well, water, and the good friar finds him, which is handy since that’s who he was looking for. Brother Tuck is a bit handy but what’s he up to? Whose side is he on? And why did someone make a voodoo doll of Robin to remember him by? Bit worrying, that. Oh, way to go Tuck - forcing Robin to save the Merry Men. Bit of an extreme plan though, wouldn’t you say? Now the Sheriff’s playing The Golden Shot, it’s a real back to the seventies TV night tonight. Left a bit …left …up

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Primeval – S03E01 – Series premiere, episode review

Primeval logo

OK, first up, I have watched Primeval in the past and found it to be a loathsome, awful show. One of those utterly wasted television opportunities that should have pointed to how bad [[Demons (TV Series)|Demons]] was going to be. I say this because I've already given Robin Hood a second chance tonight, so I'm giving Primeval a clean slate tonight, too. Now, ITV, impress me...

Plot summary: An anomaly attached to an Egyptian statue in the British Museum becomes active and a dinosaur that looks like an old Egyptian god escapes and goes on the rampage in London. Weekend city breaks for dinosaurs, anyone?

I'm not going to go into the episode in detail. Firstly, shallow as this will sound, the Nicole Scherzinger lookalike (and new team member) Sarah Page was intelligent eye candy and much appreciated. By the end of the episode, she'd become quite an interesting character, and is tied to the rest of the series due to Cutter's epiphany that strange natural phenomenon like the Yeti might be explained by anomalies.

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Robin Hood – S03E01 – Total Eclipse, episode review

Robin Hood logo

Deep in the heart of England lives a legend...but that legend is hell-bent on vengeance against Guy of Gisborne. Well, he was responsible for the slaughter of Marian. Spurning his not-so-merry men, Robin rushes back into Locksley village and launches a one-man assault on Gisborne.

Unfortunately, his rage works against him and Gisborne pitches him into a river from a clifftop. On the plus side, he is rescued by new arrival, Brother Tuck. Tuck repairs Robin, and tries to rebuild his confidence. He doesn't get far though – Robin is grieving and ready to hang up his bow and arrows.

This doesn't deter Tuck though, and he hatches a plan: he secretly gets Robin's men arrested by Gisborne, then feeds the information back to Robin that they're to be executed. He doesn't need to be told twice – Robin instantly chooses to rescue them. However, Tuck advises that timing is everything, and they go into action during a total eclipse of the sun.

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Top 50 Singles In Ireland: 27 March 2009

Okay just thought I'd give Irish viewers a round up of my opinions on the Top 50 Singles Chart in Ireland as of 27 March 2009. This is basically a rehash of last weeks charts but with any new entries added in afterwards.

50. Welcome To The Club-DJ Manian: I'm sorry to report this renewed Eurodance craze isn't going to go away soon. However that said, Welcome To The Club isn't completely awful, it's good for getting up and dancing to which I suppose is it's purpose really. Being one third of hit trio Cascada (yes, they're a trio!), Manian creates a rather infectious dance tune but if it's going to be played on the radio non-stop and no doubt it will, we're all going to get annoyed by it's repetitive nature. It will be a welcome change from Basshunter though. ***

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Smallville - S08E14 - Requiem, episode review

Smallville logo

Oliver Queen is about to announce a hostile takeover of Luthorcorp when a bomb explodes in the office, killing the entire board of directors and hospitalizing Queen. Chloe races round to the Kent farm to interrupt Clarke and Lana's super-powered sex session with the news.

Naturally, they visit Queen in hospital, but he's clearly not giving them the whole story. Clarke and Lana discover the bombs were laced with Kryptonite. Meanwhile, Queen calls in Chloe to do some investigation on a former employee of his who was a bomb expert. He reveals that he suspects the man is now working for Lex. And he is! We get a little glimpse of Lex attached to a load of tubes and wearing a Hannibal Lecter mask.

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