Album Review: Imagine Dragons - 'Night Visions'

Imagine Dragons - 'Night Visions': 9.1/10

Imagine Dragons isn’t a name that’s crossed the minds of much of the public despite being active since 2009.

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Walking With Dinosaurs: Baby T-Rex will be meeting and greeting at W5 Belfast this weekend!

On Saturday at midday the Baby T-Rex from the Walking with Dinosaurs production will be invading W5 at the Odyssey complex from 12pm.

The Baby T-Rex is part of the Walking with Dinosaurs arena spectacular which takes place on the 14th, 15th and 16th of September at the Odyssey Arena Belfast.

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Doctor Who Series 7: Asylum Of The Daleks episode review

When last I wrote a Doctor Who review on this site, I think I was thoroughly fed up with the new 'bonkers' Doctor and Steven Moffat's "madcap uncle entertaining the kids" style of writing.

Sad to say, I was totally fed up with Doctor Who.

Until a few weeks ago, when I was lucky enough to go and see a preview screening of Asylum Of The Daleks. And there was a massive spoiler that Steven Moffat himself begged us not to reveal. But it was a big, ambitious one and right up until airtime, not one major news outlet or blog had broken the story. So let's get to the review and MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING...

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Single Review: Little Mix - 'Wings'

“It’s easy to admire the rising-against-adversity message the song has, and it’s even easier to appreciate the message”


Digital Release: August 26, 2012

Physical Release: August 26, 2012

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Doctor Who: Steven Moffat hints that the 12th Doctor could really be a woman!

It's been talked about for years. And in Time Lord culture, it's even theoretically possible. And if you can believe the notorious liar and Doctor Who showrunner named Steven Moffat, when Matt Smith decides to hang up his tweed jacket and retire his sonic screwdriver, his replacement could be a woman!

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Red Or Black- Is It Working?

Red or Black began last year, offering the chance to win a million pounds just by answering a series of questions with either Red or Black. The first series unfortunately wasn't very popular after a complicated format. However, the series has returned with a second series which hopefully will do better than the first and offer compelling viewing.

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Album Review: Aiden Grimshaw - 'Misty Eye'

Aiden Grimshaw - 'Misty Eye': 8.8

It wouldn’t be too much of a crime to assume from what we already knew about Aiden Grimshaw that an album under the name ‘Misty Eye’ was going to see him trudge through pre-suicidal, downbeat mood swings set to a barely-there production; the kind of music that’s minimalist but also takes a lot of effort to listen to, and a lot more to appreciate. Imagine HURTS mixed with drum and bass influences and that’s sort of what the majority had in mind.

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Celebrity Big Brother Is Back!

Luke A walked away with the top prize on Monday night and viewers were only left waiting two days for the new series to start. Celebrity Big Brother began on Wednesday with a bunch of well-known stars entering the compound for the next couple of weeks.  Take a look at the 13 celebrities that may win the show...

After a quiet series of Big Brother (although there was lots of backstabbing and was claimed to be one of the 'bitchiest' houses ever) Luke A won the show after being fairly popular and seeming like a genuinely nice guy. The house was cleaned and spruced up for the next bunch of celebrity housemates that had been rumoured to enter for weeks.

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Single Review: Rizzle Kicks - 'Dreamers'

“It’s far more acutely-fashioned to tap into a subliminal and often not-so-subliminal critique about society than it first appears”


Digital Release: August 5, 2012

Physical Release: N/A

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Single Review: M83 - 'OK Pal'

“It’s a full-scale event held in the distant reaches of the farthest galaxy, and everyone’s invited”


Digital Release: July 30, 2012

Physical Release: N/A

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