Cheryl Cole to receive her full American X Factor fee?

Simon Cowell has reportedly promised Cheryl Cole that he will pay her the full £1.2 million fee for appearing on the US version of ‘The X Factor’, even though she is unlikely to eb shown on the final televised version.

The former Girls Aloud star was sacked from the show earlier this week, after appearing at just a handful of auditions and insiders say she was “shocked and stunned” at the news she was being
let go by the Fox network which makes the show, who reportedly cited a “lack of chemistry" with fellow judge Paula Abdul as their reason.

‘The X Factor’ boss Simon Cowell – who brought the 27-year-old singer to the US for the show – has broken his silence on the matter, saying, "I feel guilty."

He also insisted his "hands were tied" by network executives at Fox.

A source close to the TV mogul told The Sun newspaper:

"He loves Cheryl and did everything in his power to get her on US TV.

"But channel chiefs just weren't happy. It was a necessary evil and he feels terribly guilty about it.”

Cheryl is believed to have been replaced by Nicole Scherzinger on the judging panel of the talent show, which also includes Simon and L.A. Reid.

Cheryl is now locked in negotiations about a possible return to the UK version of the show, although sources say she is asking for a much higher fee.

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ThatOne's picture

So Fox finally decided that a conviction for assault in a case which had a racial angle (albeit denied), a lack of professionalism, idiomatic English (I'm being kind...) in a strong accent, a rather fabricated "beauty", incompetence and inexperience, (by USA standards)... was too much for an expensive prime-time show to accept?  Since there is nothing new there the conclusion must surely be that this decision is only coming out now and without any more spin because it made financial sense to do so.

Now, as for Simon giving away that much of his own cash...  Simon's relationship with women is based upon what he can get out of it.  If he had done that it would have been spun, re-spun, trailed and headlined for at least a week!

Aha!  What is this? Cheryl is trying to return to X-Factor UK, with excessive demands for money?  Would that amount be £1.2 million, the size of the lost job on XF USA, by some strange twist of fate? Or a flurry of twisting of arms by Simon?

Cheryl needs to be careful.  Too much hanging around XF UK and she could find herself on stage with a number stuck on a cheap dress and obliged to sing live to a baying, bloodthirsty audience.

"Sorry, pet!  It's a 'No' from me."

"Why are you here? One million per cent 'No' from me."

"I agree with the others, Beryl, or whatever your name is.  You need singing lessons. One billion per cent 'No' here. The door's over there. Give that dress back before you go."

Sweet dreams are made of this...