Emmerdale's Jimmy King gets amnesia after attack!

Emmerdale's Jimmy King is to lose his memory after being brutally attacked.

The haulage driver - played by Nick Miles - will stun doting wife Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) when he wakes up in hospital unable to recognise both her and their young daughter Angelica.

Nicola explained: "At the hospital, Nicola rushes in and gives Jimmy a hug - but he doesn't recognise her at all.

"She thinks he must remember their daughter, Angelica, because she's part of him. But when Nicola shows Jimmy a picture of her, all he can say is that he thinks she's a pretty little girl."

With everyone unaware as to how the attack happened, doctors tell Nicola that Jimmy has totally lost his memory of life up to and including the accident, leaving the young mum horrified at the prospect of life with a man who has no idea who she is.

She added to Inside Soap magazine: "A specialist tells her that Jimmy has lost his memory. It seems that he's basically forgotten everything that happened up to and including the accident.

"Nicola hopes that seeing her will trigger something in his brain. But things simply don't register at all. It's the same when they finally get back to the village - Jimmy can't recall ever having lived there."

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