Lionel Richie Brings Gangnam Style To Belfast!




He may be 63 but Lionel Richie was not lacking in energy when he performed in Belfast's Odyssey Arena this week.


The concert had previously been cancelled and rescheduled due to health issues so our expectations had dropped a little when we travelled down to see the US star sing, but the crooner was all fired up and brought out the big guns for the latest leg of his his Tuskegee tour.

We are huge fans of Lionel's most famous work and his chart topping 80's hits and were slightly worried that we would be a little bored when listening to his newer material taken from his most recent album 'Tuskegee.'

There were of course some nods to the record but the crowd were elated when he opened the show with 'Hello' but not as we've heard it before.

Richie went techno and cranked up the disco lights and the bass for this modern version of the classic track and the legendary singer left the comfort of the main stage and ventured out to the middle of an ornate bridge, so his adoring fans could get a closer glimpse.

Lionel vowed to sing 'every song that he could remember' and he certainly packed as many as possible into the amazing concert.

It's possible to forget how many hits this man has had over the years but our favourites of the night were Dancing On The Ceiling,  Three Times A Lady and of course Endless Love, where he asked the audience to take on the role of Diana Ross and we certainly had a go.

He jammed with his band during the uptempo tune All Night Long but our most memorable moment of the show was when the pensioner took on a pretty hilarious Gangnam Style cover. he even did the dance routine, making us wish we had taken out kids along for the night.

There really was something for everyone!

It was our first Lionel Richie concert. Would we go to another? Without a bloomin' doubt!


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