Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) organises Haiti auction

Teen actress Miley Cyrus has organised an auction to raise money for victims of the recent Haiti earthquake.

On her new eBay page, Cyrus is selling the Herve Leger dress she wore to the Grammy Awards and two tickets to the Hollywood premiere of her new film The Last Song.

Demi Lovato, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Richie and Britney Spears, have also donated items to be auctioned.

"Ever since the earthquake, I've been trying to do my part to help the people of Haiti, and I wanted to do more," Cyrus told People. "Everyone has been so generous. My mum and I started calling and texting all of our friends to see if they'd like to be part of the auction.

"Demi was one of the first to respond. Hugh Jackman was also excited to donate something. I texted Nicole and right away she sent over some amazing jewellery and Joel [Madden] sent some of his clothes."

Cyrus added: "I want to get people involved and show that even the little things you can do can make a difference."


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