X Factor 28th November 2009: Lloyd Daniels - A Million Love Songs

Tonight [[Cheryl Cole]] chose Take That's 'A Million Love Songs for [[Lloyd Daniels]].

It was a safe enough tune for him with not too many nasty high notes to trip him up. The song actually worked  – no big performance, and a cutesy vocal that’s going to appeal to his teenage fanbase and the odd mother out there who wants to pinch his cheeks. No, not those cheeks…

I’m going to say it…this was probably his best vocal performance of the competition so far. Is he another stealth contestant, because he’s been steadily improving over the last couple of weeks.

Louis: Lloyd the thing is you are in the final five, so obviously people like you more than I do. I think the song suited you better than last week.

Dannii: There’s a million girls out there that want your phone number. You always put on a great performance, you always bounce back. I’d just say, don’t complicate your melodies at all, because you’re making it tougher for yourself and tuning wise it’s going off a bit in the verses.

Simon: Look, Lloyd. It was a very very good choice of song. It’s a teen pop song. I thought you sang it OK, but what you’ve got to show us in the audience is that you’ve got fire in your eyes, that you want to stay in this competition. In the second song I want to see a little bit more committment, OK?

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Anonymous's picture

lloyd daniels is going for good yippie and stacy is gonna win no matter what


Kristen's picture

Shut up. Seriously. You cant guarentee that Stacey is going to win babe sorry.