X Factor: John and Edward Grimes Sing 'Rock DJ'

These guys truly are the pinnacle of awfulness. The only point that they sounded ok was when the backing track took over and the backing singers sang along. The rap bit in the verse was woeful, though I have to admit their dancing wasn't half bad.

Cheryl Cole told them they can't sing but praised them for trying. She inadvertently blamed Louis for putting them in the final 12. Simon said they are amazingly thick skinned but called the whole thing a musical nightmare.

I think I'm going to love to hate John and Edward.

Judges Comments

Dannii – You guys have got the whole country talking, and I just want to say something, the girls told me you are really sweet except when you steal their food. It was a great performance not best vocal but good performance and I loved the way you entered

Cheryl – I have to say, just from a personal point of view, I have got the most admiration for you for getting out her there with the amount of stick you’ve received. You can’t sing, fact, but here you are in the final 12 so thanks for coming out here tonight,

Simon – I am trying to find something here. OK, you are for your age, I’ve got to hand it to you - you are amazingly thick skinned I’ll give you that and to succeed in this business you’ve got to have thick skin. It was a musical nightmare, the whole thing. I just had this horrific thought of you winning the competiton it would be a disaster. And the truth is, Louis has put you through because you’re Irish.

Louis – People in Ireland can’t vote. Yes, guys I did take a chance and I’m glad you entertained everyone, everyone is talking about you. People have been giving you a hard time and they’ve never met you. You are really nice people and people should vote for you to keep you in even if it is just to annoy Simon!

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stacey's picture

i love john and edward!

i will follow them to the endd xx