X Factor Semi Final 5th December 2009: Danyl Johnson 'Man In The Mirror'

[[Danyl Johnson]] was the last of tonights X factor contestants to sing his Michael Jackson song. Danyl and his mentor [[Simon Cowell]] chose the classic track 'Man In The Mirror', which I think was a pretty inspired choice.

Danyl may just make it through to the final on tonight's performance, because that has got to be one of his best in the competition so far. He not only had incredible vocals, but he also had bags full of energy and charisma. Polar bears schmolar bears Louis!

What did you think of Danyl tonight? Leave your comments below.

Louis: [let's talk about the fact that Louis said "this is a singing contest"] Complains that the backdrop was distracting.

Dannii: That was a really good performance. You’re back to what we were when we first saw you. Though I was confused by the Polar Bears as well.

Simon: It was absolutely incredible that performance, on the money, genuinely brilliant. What is amazing is that you got the guy’s career in the balance here and all you can talk about is stupid polar bears.

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Gerard McGarry's picture

Great performance from Danyl. Well, not really. Technically Johnson is good, but his biggest problem is that all his performances bleed into each other. And Man In The Mirror being one of my all-time favourite Michael Jackson songs, I thought he had too much to live up to.

For all his faults, Jackson had an amazing voice, and Danyl seems to have to overdo the gesticulating on stage to make up for the fact that he can't deliver to Jackson's standard.

Midnightkisss's picture

OMG.. I can't believe it!!!

Either the worlds gone mad!!! or X Factor voting MUST be rigged.

My Saturday nights have just been wiped from my calendar

Danyl.. Have a break... recharge... then... ...

Do a CD
Do a tour
Do a book

You'll go far!!!