X Factor USA: Julian McDonald thinks Cheryl Cole sacking is just a PR stunt!

We were shocked when we woke up this morning to the news that Cheryl Cole had been sacked from The X Factor USA. It has been claimed that the former Girls Aloud singer was dropped and will be replaced by Nicole Scherzinger because auditionees couldn't understand her accent and she had a distinct 'lack of chemistry' with fellow judge Paula Abdul. However, fashion designer Julian McDonald isn't placing much stock in the reports, because he thinks it's all one big PR stunt, designed to raise interest in the series.

Talking at the Lorraine High Street Fashion awards, the designer said: "Well I was speaking to Cheryl a few days ago, and when I spoke to her from America she was really happy, she was having the time of her life. So I think it’s a bit of a ‘media blah’ to get press for the X Factor." He could have a point. Not that we don't think Cheryl Cole was sacked, but the timing of the news breaking was very suspicious. TMZ published the stories last night, just before the American Idol season finale was about to air. That sounds like a bit of Cowell planning to us!

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Smells of a PR stunt to me too!

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I think the Americans would much rather use there own below average artists than any British below average artists.

If it were a case of the dialect being totally misunderstood than we would actually have a case of regional discrimination against Cheryl, because in reality she is far easier to understand than many Americans. Who curiously through the natural faults of the history of the Colonialisation of the Americas is a complete melting pot of peoples from all over the world who have somehow concocted a language which is a bastardised form of English.

Yee hah. Howdy and all that.

So I don't think the Americans like Cheryl in the same way they didn't really like Robbie Williams. To them she is another Hollywood seeking fame person from over the pond.

What I think really sucks though is why the X factor has not gained any real credibility over the years or pride to develop its own winners and losers. Instead they get sent to America. We do have the studios here in Britain, we do have the talented engineers and record producers here in Britain, we also have the talented songwriters and singers here in Britain, have they all shirked away from SYCO and BMG? , the answer is no.

All these people and facilities are just waiting for proper use. I think its absolutely shocking to read last year that Abbey Road studios was going to close its doors and why, because it wasn't drawing the artists to record and was running at a loss.

The recording industry is being wrecked by marketing and PR people who have no idea about the recording industry in the beginning. They could do with a eyar of crash courses to bring them up to scratch and then they might promote some British studios. If these studios and professionals don't get used we will lose them. Stands to good reason and common sense that if they don;t get used that this is what will happen.

At present the British music scene is on very unsteady ground. it is no longer Britains 7th biggest earner its dropped back to about 20th in the space of the last 5 - 10 years the shortest ever period of fast decline. Meanwhile Americas industry has grown and our own scene is almost entirely American governed.  Time this rot was stopped.

So this is the year I think you should stop voting for the X factor acts even if you think they are the bees knees, unless you can get an unequivocal yes answer to the question, Will the winners and losers be developed here in the UK via our own music industry reps and will the engineering be taken care of here.

Time to reclaim your industry don't let it fall by the wayside into American control its bad enough having American influences and nearly every wanabe trying to sing like an American all from the same song book tutor.

Enough of the rant for now. Cheryl didn;t do herself any favours complaining of being homesick, but whether she should have gone in first place remains to be seen.


Ageing tart