X Factor week 3: Miss Frank sing ‘That’s Life

[[Miss Frank]] came back fighting this week and even admitted that Simon Cowell's criticisms last week were fair. It's ncie to see singers without a chip on their shoulders! 'That's Life' was the song that made Miss Frank shine at bootcamp, so it was an easy choice for tonight's show.

I thought the girls were 100 times tighter with their harmonies tonight. I'm not sure about the hair styling, or the weird, contorted facial expressions but the singing worked. The rap was edgy and different, though the sound was so bad that I found it hard to distinguish the words that Graziella was saying.

Judges Comments

Dannii: Girls!All I have to say is…back in the race!

Cheryl: This is why we fell in love with you in the very beginning. Graziella, I loved the rap, girls you need to keep what makes you original.

Simon: This is the first time since we started the live shows that I’ve started to believe in you as a group. I can now see some chemistry between you. (He makes a barbed point about some people not being able to take criticism – Jamie Afro perhaps?)

Louis: We’ve got something special here – all we need is for people to vote for you.



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