B.o.B. feat Hayley Williams – Airplanes – Single review

Paramore’s Hayley Williams and rapper B.o.B. have teamed up for a single. Or if you prefer, Williams is lending her rock chops to B.o.B.’s latest assault on the charts.

If we were charmed by B.o.B.’s breakthrough with Bruno Mars, Nothing On You, this hook-up with the hot Paramore vocalist brings something a little bit more serious to the table. And isn’t it refreshing to hear what Williams can do away from the rest of the band? Her vocal is instantly identifiable, but gives off a subdued, melancholy vibe that helps set the tone of this song.

B.o.B.’s rapping is loose and cool, but I think he relies on whoever his guest star is to set the emotional tone of the song. Same goes for the Bruno Mars collaboration.

Lyrically, the theme seems to be B.o.B. becoming jaded by the industry (or what he terms ‘politics’) and just wanting to get back to the music. To be honest though, I find the rapping serves as a baseline to make the singing stand out, which is why I walk away from these songs with more regard for the guest artist than for B.o.B. himself. On this one, all eyes are on Hayley.

Still, I will become a cheerleader for the ridiculously hard to type B.o.B. if he can keep delivering goods as fresh and interesting as his last two singles. Great tune, and a fantastic video that shows Hayley holding still for a few minutes. Even if it is only in silhouette.

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