Book banned from bedrooms

An Irish book has been causing marital divisions across the UK leading some wives to ban it from the bedroom.

Belfast born Eamon Nancarrow didn’t expect his autobiography ‘Holywood Star’ to cause such ructions seeing as the climax of his rock career was a disastrous tour of Scotland during a bleak winter.

But the singer’s tales of rock and roll misadventure have sent beds rocking with uncontrollable laughter leaving many partners irritated and awake.

‘It would start with Michael’s shoulders shaking,’ said bank manager Angela O’Sullivan (49) of her husband’s reaction to certain passages, “and then turn into a belly laugh.”

As a resident of Holywood, County Down, her irritation was needing to know what, and more importantly who, in Eamon’s adventure was making Michael laugh so much. “Eventually I told him: “anywhere but the bedroom!”

But even when he was in the en suite I could still hear suppressed giggling.” This reaction has spread to the mainland with Rhian French (37), a copy writer from Andover, Hampshire, suffering the same fate.

Although her wound was self inflicted as she bought the book as a Christmas present for her husband Alan, another struggling musician. “I had to ask him to stop making so much noise.

Every night he was having a bit of a snort and if it wasn’t an outright guffaw there would be a lot of giggling and more snorting. It’s a bit worrying when someone is having so much fun on their own in the same bed.”

Her solution was simple: “He had to read it downstairs before he came up to sleep.”

Eamon’s Irish eyes might be smiling at the thought of bringing laughter into some people’s lives but the negative aspect is beginning to concern him: “It is never great to cause friction in the boudoir, especially when there are nylon sheets involved, and it was never my intention to set marital sparks flying. The book was only supposed to make people laugh and that seems to be the crux of the problem.”

If this is another calamity to befall Eamon Nancarrow at least he’s used to it. From the horrors of his first perm in the early 80’s to the moment a misplaced stage pyrotechnic almost curtailed his parenting capabilities, he has still been able to see the funny side of life.

However, in some bedrooms around the country, there is only one side of the bed laughing.

‘Holywood Star: the life and times of a rock and roll misadventurer’ is available in paperback priced £9.99 (published by Showcase UK) from Amazon, WH Smith and

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