Born This Way – Lady GaGa

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta has become the world’s most illustrious artistic and cultural aficionado, showcasing her feverish passion in music, fashion and philanthropy. Born This Way shatters musical boundaries and suffuses the music industry with some much needed effervescence and imagination.

Hiding beneath its simplistic façade, Born This Way is nothing short of a musical and lyrical masterpiece. Opening track Marry The Night is a musical melody of thumping beats and guitars, revealing the disco influences that strongly linger throughout the album, and lyrics alluding to a loss of inhibitions, a habit GaGa appears to practice religiously. Following is Government Hooker, which holds beneath its dance-opera rhythm GaGa’s classically dirty refrains, resulting in an addictive mix of smut and cleverly crafted beats flawlessly executed.

Under a shroud devil-may-care attitude, GaGa’s empowering anthem, Hair, contains hints of rock and dance pop, as well as the jazz mustered by late legend Clarence Clemons. Scheiße then precedes with addictive German lyrics before erupting into a techno-infused melody with roaring feministic lyrics. Without a doubt, the best track on the album for its powerful synths and electro tendencies.

Bloody Mary is one of few disappointments. It’s slow tempo and trance timbre is poorly coupled with excessive religious references. Easily forgettable with nothing much else to be said, much like its successor Bad Kids – a shockingly cliché message and a betrayal to her own uniqueness. Although this does provoke a thought that GaGa once was “chew[ing] gum and smoke[ing] in your face.” The rarity of You and I, a slow tempo rock and roll ballad also lays flat without that infectious GaGa beat.

Hidden under GaGa’s teasingly seductive vocals in Heavy Metal Lover is an electro pop beat riddled with synthesizers. The ending lyric “But would you love me if I ruled the world?” either highlights GaGa’s egoism or the lingering theme of feminism.

Lady GaGa has made clear she is who she is and wasn’t born to offer any apologies, regardless of what you or I think. Born This Way is nothing short of an addictive masterpiece by one of the most intriguing women in show business.

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