Brand New Eyes Album Review

Paramore have put up their new album Brand New Eyes on MySpace and for their fans to listen to! You can find it here;

I’ve been a Paramore fan since hearing “Emergency” on a Warped Tour compilation, and if you’ve listened to their first album “All We Know Is Falling”, and their more well known second album “Riot!” you’ll definetely see a big departure from what we’ve come to expect from this group.

Many people expected their new material to follow in the footsteps of Decode, the song that was recorded for the soundtrack of Twilight, but after a first listen, I would say that isn’t the case at all. Brand New Eyes is the most diverse album the group have come out with so far, mixing big arena songs alongside acoustic tracks they normally save for live Radio appearances. By their own admission, the album mostly tells the story of the issues the band faced when they took a month off and cancelled a number of European dates back in 2008.

Ignorance, the first single released from the album, is probably the best bridge between Riot! and BNE, and it will gain them a number of new fans without alienating the old ones. Overall though, it isn’t the best example of the album as a whole.

Standout tracks for me were;

Playing God – Catchy and the lyrics are sung with enough emotion to let you know that Hayley means every single word.

The Only Exception – Paramore have never recorded a truly acoustic song and their first attempt at one shows that this band are capable of whatever they want to be.

Where The Lines Overlap – You can just tell that this is going to be the one screams back at the band at live shows, purely because they ask for it, “I’ve got a feeling if I sing this loud enough, you’ll sing it back to me.”

I’m going to keep the review short and sweet and just sum up by saying that while some fans might not like the album because of it’s differences to previous work, all the band have done is grown up, and put it into their work. Personally, I think if they can keep it together, we can expect a lot more from them in the future.


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  1. Richard

    I agree, quite a departure. Not an instant favorite like R!OT.. but it might be a grower

    Thanks for the review, just making sure I wasn’t alone in thinking this 🙂

  2. alex

    the tracks you pick scream that you don’t know anything about paramore. this is a great album, also carefull sounds the moast like riot. but the best song is misguided ghost. i don’t understand the people who want them to sound the exact same everytime they put a new album out. they had to make riot to gain a big fan base, now they get to be themselves. not that riot isn’t a good album. i loved every song on it. but Brand New eyes is who they are. so put the hateraid back in the fridge please.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Er…in defense of this review, it says that the album is a departure for Paramore, not that it’s a bad album.

      To be honest, I’m still not over Riot! – I still stick it on the iPod every now and then. It’s an excellent album. With Paramore, I could accept either an evolution of the sound or more of the same. Now that they’re officially a five-piece, I’m keen to see what that does to their sound.

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