Breaking Dawn Part 2- The End Is Here!

After four very successful films, the final film is now here and the franchise starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner has come to an end.  

Breaking Dawn Part 2 offers more twists and turns that will entice even the Twilight haters and the last film finishes the saga nicely and the films will be loved for many years to come. When Twilight originally came out, although the books were very popular, nobody realised how popular the films would become. I hadn’t heard of the books when I went to see the first film at the cinema but I fell in love with the story and went on to read all the books several years ago now. The films are based on a girl called Bella (played by Kristen Stewart) who moves to Forks and falls in love with Edward (played by Robert Pattinson) who happens to be a vampire. As the films have developed we have seen Bella wanting to be with her vampire boyfriend forever so she had been waiting to be turned into a vampire, much to Edward’s displeasure. We also saw Edward’s family who played a big part in the films, especially the caring Carlisle   and fun Alice. Jacob was seen in the first film but didn’t play a big role. The whole Edward vs Jacob thing came about in the second film once Jacob had revealed he was now a werewolf and managed to gain a six pack and turn into a hottie. The films also turned into a love triangle with Jacob falling for Bella in the second film and wanting her to be with him from then on. Bella does love and care for him but her love is much stronger for vampire Edward

The last film saw Edward and Bella tie the knot and go to the island of Esme for their honeymoon. I thought Breaking Dawn part 1 was very sweet and the wedding and the honeymoon were played out very well compared to the book. Bella then found out she was pregnant and although Edward begged her to reconsider the monster inside her she wanted to go ahead with the pregnancy. We saw her get so tiny and ill and it was interesting to see this. When she eventually gave birth it was all very dramatic and slightly gorey. At the end we saw Jacob imprint on the baby and Bella died but the venom was quick enough to get into her veins.

The new film Breaking Dawn-Part 2 gets very quickly back into the story seeing Bella wake up and with a new found energy. Her and Edward are soon on the hunt for food and the scenes where she managed to kill a mountain lion and nearly kill a climber were brilliant. Back at the house we see her meet Renesmee who is slightly scary as a baby. She also finds out that Jacob imprinted on her daughter which sends her into a frenzy. It was funny to see Bella turn into this powerful confident character. Bella and Edward then go to their new home where they spend the night together. The scenes were cute and they obviously couldn’t do much due to the rating. The next day she gets to meet her dad Billy again due to a hilarious scene with Jacob where he starts taking of all his clothes. It was nice to have Billy in this film although I think he would of acted a bit more dramatically especially seeing his daughter look so different and the fact that Renesmee grows up so quick!

There are lots of cute moments with Renesmee and Edward, especially when they are sitting together at the piano. After Irina spots Renesmee, she believes she’s a immortal child and goes to tell the Volturi. When Alice has a shocking vision that the Volturi are coming for them, her and Jasper leave and the family have to find ‘Witnesses’ to prove that Renesmee grows every day. The introduction of lots of new vampires was very fun and I enjoyed seeing them all and their many skills. Bella has to go get a passport for Jacob and Renesmee and these scenes also showed how confident Bella had got. When the day came for the volturi to visit, they all waited and it was funny to see all of them separated on the snow. When Aro realises that Renesmee is half human, half vampire, unfortunately Irina pays the price as her family watch on devastated. Michael Sheen plays Aro really well and he is a very unusual character. When Alice comes back, it all kicks off and the twist plays out that I won’t spoil for you but made the film much more thrilling although there was lots of gore. After the ‘twist’ we do get a nice ending where we see Jacob and Renesmee when they are older together and also we end on the flowers which is used many times before with Bella and Edward confirming their love is forever. We also get to see the final book which was a lovely nice touch.

The film was possibly my favourite out of the five and I thought it was definitely the most exciting and thrilling. Kristen played Bella very well and I liked the character much better in this film than in previous ones. Edward was more her companion rather than her protector in this film and I think Robert Pattinson did a great job as usual. I think that Renesmee didn’t develop with the audience as I would of liked and the audience didn’t really get to know her properly as she is much cooler and loveable in the book. Jacob was much nicer in this film and also we got to see more of the vampire family, I liked Emmett and Carlisle in the film a lot more and we got to see a bit more of Esmee too. The twist was great too and I really didn’t expect it but it will be enjoyed by people that didn’t like the other films.

I think this film was a brilliant end and I have really enjoyed the Twilight franchise and I can’t wait to get this on DVD



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