Breaking Dawn- The Best Twilight Film Yet!

Breaking Dawn- The Best Movie Yet!

Breaking Dawn has become the movie of the year with massive box office figures and fans all over the world flocking to see it. But is it worth all the hype and is this the best film yet of the Twilight series?

Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart have become worldwide stars since the first Twilight film in 2008. Robert is now known as R-Patz and is a sex symbol across the world. He is rumoured to be dating co-star Kristen who is often known as the moody one. Taylor Lautner has also become a sex symbol and everyone has posed the question are you Team Edward or Jacob! The series has become a phenomenon and now we are on the final two films.

In Eclipse, we finally saw Bella agree to marry Edward, as long as he will turn her into a vampire and if they got intimate before she turned. Breaking Dawn starts with the pair getting ready for their forth-coming wedding and the love is still there between the young couple. This film focuses more on Bella and her feelings and we see her panicking for her big day. As she wonders about her life as a vampire, the Cullens, especially Alice are getting extremely excited for the Big Day. Within the first 20 minutes the wedding begins which was at a good pace. When she walks down the aisle it is very sweet and the chemistry is not lost between Edward and Bella as they say their vows and everyone else disappears away. The speeches are brilliant too with Emmett making a joke about Bella not getting much sleep and Charlie commenting on how he will find Edward if all goes wrong.

After some tearful goodbyes you can’t miss they jet off on their honeymoon on the island Esme. The honeymoon is very normal for a vampire and his wife and when she needs a few human minutes its like a normal love story and you forget about the complicated situation between them. When they go into the water, it all gets very romantic and fans will love the fact the two finally get intimate together. When Edward realises he hurt Bella, she goes on a hunt to get him to sleep with her again, which is quite funny to watch. Then about half way through we find out what the main plot will be about when Bella realises that she is pregnant after missing her period. The couple are rushed back to the Cullens and their hot honeymoon is finished. The fact they don’t focus on the couple for two weeks is a bit odd but the next thing we know Jacob, who doesn’t appear much at all in the first half of the film rushes to find out what’s wrong and a weak Bella shows off her baby bump.

The computer graphics are really good in this film and as we see Bella grow weaker and weaker, its simply horrifying to watch. In one scene, she stands in the bathroom with Rosalie and her bones are showing and her face is so gaunt. As the couple argue over the baby we see them falling apart. As the film progresses, the question remains whether Bella will survive and if she does will the wolf pack get the new family.

The last few scenes are quite hard to watch, they appear to be very graphic and the action returns after a few easy and pleasant scenes. I think this is what makes the film really good as you have the romantic scenes, some action and then it seems to turn into a bit of a horror with the birth.

I think Kristen’s acting was so much better in Breaking Dawn than the other films and she seemed much more down to earth and likeable. You could feel the pressure of the wedding getting to her and also when she realised that she was expecting and the initial bond between her and the baby. She played the part of the mother who didn’t want to be separated from her baby very well. I also loved Robert’s acting and I think he played the part well. Also Jacob was really good in this film and his passion towards Bella was nice to watch.

I loved this film and it has everything for the Twilight fans. I can’t wait to find out what happens in the next film, although I have read the book and I think it will be a great film.

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