Bret Michaels and Miley Cyrus release Nothing To Lose

This mutual admiration society (of the strictly musical kind) between Bret Michaels and Miley Cyrus continues apace. Since Miley recorded a cover version of Poison’s Every Rose Has Its Thorn, the two have complimented each other in the press and it’s no surprise that a second collaboration between the two singers is coming out.

I’m sure Michaels knows what he’s doing – coming from the forefront of 80’s/90’s pop metal, he’s probably well used to criticism from the metal masses. So, if we can avoid universal condemnation for a collab with Hannah Montana, let’s judge the song on its own merit, OK?

Nothing To Lose taps into a vein of soft country-rock that Michaels in particular excels at. Big, rich harmonies with Miley are prevalent, as are lingering power chords underneath an array of acoutic playing. No moulds were broken during the making of this song, but since when has that mattered? It’s still nice to hear Bret’s voice on some new material – I was a massive Poison fan until I lost touch with them around the Native Tongue period.

And in case anyone’s concerned with the grizzled, 40-something shagger singing a duet with the Disney princess, he has this to say:

I never sat down and said, ‘Look at the content. Look at the lyrical content… There is nothing I have to be defensive about. I just thought it was a beautiful song.

All five versions of the country-rock ballad “Nothing To Lose” are now available on CD at the singer’s website and the single featuring Miley Cyrus will be hitting iTunes Tuesday March 2nd. To get the latest info on Bret Michaels, including his upcoming appearance on Celebrity Apprentice visit his official website!

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