Brit Awards 2009 CD



So its that time again is it? The Brit Awards. This album should give us the right amount of music, to enhance our Brit Awards 09 experience. You can listen all the nominations, with the purchase of one two disc CD.

If only it were true. The sad fact is that not all the nominees are allowed onto the Brit Awards CD, allowing cynics to suggest that the awards are a fix. Most likely, we all have our favourite tracks already stashed away on some other compilation album, or maybe we’ve actually gone out and bought that artists album.

While it is undeniable there are some fantastic tracks on this double disc CD: Kings Of Leon’s “Sex On Fire,” Leona Lewis’ “Better In Time,” and Pink’s “So What” to just name a few, the album is made with the intention to squeeze a few last pennies out of it’s songs, before they disappear off into obscurity.

Still, there is one song still hanging around like a bad smell that is on this album. Why is Nickelback’s “Rockstar” included on this album? Nickelback didn’t even get nominated for a Brit Award so their inclusion is baffling!

Overall, this album is not worth buying. If you want the tracks on it, buy the artists’ own albums.

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