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We’ve given you the red carpet and the main event, it’s only right we finish with some back stage antics, right?

Another year has come, another Brit Awards has come and another Brit Awards go. Tonight’s event has been spectacular, a new, bigger venue, bigger acts, bigger winners, everything has been absolutly Amazing tonight. 

Now, time to see what’s going on backstage.


Live Updates

22:25 – Just 5 minutes to go before we get to see what is going on backstage at the biggest event of the year in British Music!

22:32 – Welcome to the brits – backstage!

22:32 – We’re going to be getting an exclusive performance from Cee Lo later, as the camera’s stopped rolling earlier, he did an exclusive performance for ITV2.

22:33 – Dave is backstage with ADELE! She thinks she did well with her performance but she got a bit upset closer to the end. Adele says she would love to live with, work with Mumford and Sons, a big lover. They give her a lot of courage when she listens to them.

22:36 – Dave is now joined by James Corden. He says he really enjoyed presenting the BRITS. He said he was very nervous and when he got the Adele link out the way he was fine. He says he felt very lucky presenting the BRITS. He says that Adele was “mind blowing” and gave him shivvers. He says he was also very lucky to see her perform yesterday when the venue was empty.

22:38 – We’re being shown a clip of Tinie Tempah’s performance from earlier this evening.

22:39 – James says that the biggest surprise may have been Laura Marling, but, nobody was “robbed” of their award.

22:40 – Peter is near the stage with Boy George. Boy George says he is a huge fan of Laura Marling and he was honoured to give her the award.

22:41 – Back to the studio with Dave who is joined by Will Young and Avril Lavigne. Avril says she has Bieber Fever now that she has met him! She says she is proud of him being Canadian and he is doing so well for himself. Will says it is scary on stage, in front of millions of people – Avril adds the energy was amazing and being at the BRITs was “Awesome”

22:42 – Ohh shocking! Avril says Christina Aguilera was nasty to her when she tried speaking to her.

22:43 – Peter is with JESSIE J – she says she is so overwhelmed. She knew it was coming but when she was up there on stage she just went with the moment. Jessie adds that she loves what she does. 

22:45 – Back after the break!

22:50 – We’re back!

22:50 – Dave met up with Rihanna earlier. She says the union jack is the most fashionable flag!

22:51 – She says she is feeling really good, she has only just got back from the Grammy Awards and she hasn’t had much time to learn her performance. Rihanna adds that she loves Tinie Tempah, he went on tour with her and the one he performed tonight she loves. Rihanna has to leave as she has to go get a plane right now to head back to the states.

22:53 – Peter is with Alan Carr. Alan says he is “down with the kids”! Loves his music.

22:54 – Dave is joined in the studio by Cee Lo Green and Paloma Faith.

22:54 – Paloma says she performed Cee Lo’s song on her last tour and they “reached out to each other on Twitter” – They didn’t get much time together because Cee Lo was at the Grammy’s on Sunday evening. We’re watching a recap of their performance from tonight.

22:56 – Cee lo says that he IS the best international male – the award proves it. He says he is very humble by the decision.

22:58 – Cee Lo says he has had some serious conversations about moving to the UK. 

22:59 – Peter Andre is with Dermot O’Leary. Dermot says that Adele brought the house down with a very slow song, it was amazing, he says he has never seen a standing ovation like that at the BRITs. 

23:01 – Time for a break!

23:05 – Welcome Back!

23:06 – Dave is joined by cheryl Cole in the studio. Cheryl says being in magazines, the whole fame thing isn’t something you ever get used to, it’s a little odd. She says that last year she performed, it was real intense pressure, and this year she wanted to sit back and enjoy it, but she found herself wanting to perform this year. Cheryl says that she loved the whole show this evening. Rihanna was “Smoking Hot”

23:09 – Cheryl says she can’t wait to get home and watch the BRITs on the TV, as it’s different than being at the venue. She adds that it was really daunting presenting the award and it was an amazing atmosphere out there. She says it was different this year as it’s more of an arena and you’re surrounded by people. Cheryl says she loves Rihanna, and Rihanna loves her back! Cheryl adds she would LOVE to do a single with Rihanna.

23:10 – Cheryl says she loves Ellie Goulding, she is incredible and so is her album. She is also glad Tinie Tempah won the best single.

23:12 – Time for some highlights from tonight’s show.

23:13 – Peter Andre has been joined by Plan B. He says he didn’t think he was going to win anything. 

23:14 – Dave is in the studio with Vernon Kay. He says that he is glad Tinie Tempah won the awards that he did. He adds there’s a vibe with tonight’s show… Take That went on stage with Riot Police and so did Plan B. Is there a message there?

23:16 – Back after the break!

23:21 – Peter Andre is in the studio with Dave Berry – Peter says he caught Dave looking at Rihanna’s… well, it wasn’t her ring anyway.

23:23 – Looking at highlights of Take That’s performance.

23:23 – Peter says there’s “something” about take that when they’re all together. The boggest award of the evening was best British album. Dave caught up with Mumford and Sons earlier this evening.

23:26 – Pete says that Plan B’s performance just blew his mind. Peter adds it was like an Eminem performance, but he has an amazing voice. Plan B has said this is it for Strickland banks now, after this evening’s performance Strickland Banks has done with!

23:27 – That’s it, it’s all definitely is over now for another year. We’re left with an exclusive performance from Cee Lo Green!

23:30 – The BRIT’s will be back next year. I wonder what that will bring? Only time will tell…

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