Britain’s Got Talent 2010: Connected & Tina and Chandie through to Saturday finals

Two more acts have gone through to the Britain’s Got Talent live final on Saturday.

After impressing [[Simon Cowell]] with an amazing human/animal dance routine, dog trainer Tina and her talented canine, Chandie, were the most popular act on the show this evening. They were voted straight through to the final by the public.

In runner-up position were singing doorman Neil Fullard and aspiring boyband Connected. [[Piers Morgan]] was unequivocal in his support for the teenage band, but both [[Amanda Holden]] and Simon struggled with their choice. Amanda eventually opted for Neil’s crooner stylings while Simon eventually swung the panel in favour of Connected.

Tina and Chandie and Connected will join gymnasts Spelbound and dancer Tobias Mead in Saturday nights’ final. Once again though, the quality of the other talent was sadly lacking in places – singing acts Maxxie Oliver and Kev Orkian fell flat with the judges, and dance acts The Ruby Girls and the Fayombo’s disappointed with poorly coordinated and sloppy acts.

In the first half of the show, Alicia Keys (who’s really getting around the reality TV results shows these days) sang her latest single, Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart. Also present was the beginnings of Key’s baby bump. In case you’re behind the gossip, Alicia recently confirmed her pregnancy and engagement to babydaddy, rapper Swizz Beats. Pregnancy definitely suits the girl.

Confirmed final acts

OK, so the four acts confirmed for the final of this year’s [[Britain’s Got Talent 2010|Britain’s Got Talent]] are:

  • Spelbound
  • Tobias Mead
  • Tina and Chandie
  • Connected

Tune in tomorrow for our third liveblog of the series!

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