Britain’s Got Talent 2010: Final 10 Contestants Revealed!

After a full week of semi-finals, the list of 10 finalists for Saturday night’s [[Britain’s Got Talent 2010|Britain’s Got Talent]] live show has been revealed. Well, not revealed exactly. More like ‘painstakingly’ compiled from the winners of the show each night this week.

Anyhoo…as we do with all reality show finals, it’s time to rate the finalists. Here they are, listed with my comments. They’re in no particular order, though. I want to hear what you think of the finalists though, so please – log in and leave your own verdict on these ten:

  • Connected – Five piece boyband who (I have it on good authority) have been working the talent circuit for a while. They have the potential to become the boyband answer to Justin Beiber. And JLS are backing them.
  • Tina & Chandie – A charming lady and dog act whose companionship will warm your cockles. Possibly the best animal act to get this far in Britain’s Got Talent.
  • Tobias Mead – Quirky, cool dance act #1. Modern, inventive. His biggest threat might be Twist & Pulse, but he edges them in looks. Isn’t that right, ladies?
  • Spelbound – Amazing gymnastic act. Not quite as magical on their second time round, but they’ve still got bags of potential. Looking forward to seeing them anyway.
  • Paul Burling – The man with the most one-dimensional impressionist act is what a posh lady I once knew would refer to as “all fur coat and no knickers”. Beyond the funny voices, his impressions actually don’t say anything funny.
  • Christopher Stone – Treading old ground for Britain’s Got Talent, and treading on the toes of Paul Potts and Susan Boyle, both of whom are better acts. Has a real ‘seen it before’ feel to him.
  • Janey Cutler – I love this lady. Though I will say, I like her story better than I like her act. But I do enjoy watching those sparkling eyes and the fact that she barely seems to understand a word Ant & Dec say to her.
  • Twist & Pulse – Their synchronised dance routines are slapstick and entertaining, and they’ve got a slightly nerdy edge to them that make the duo the talented version of Jedward.
  • Kieran Gaffney – Have a look on YouTube for examples of child drummers and you’ll be totally blown away. I hate to be tough on the kids, but Kieran has blagged his way to the final by virtue of being unique. He’s a good drummer, don’t get me wrong, but he still hasn’t showcased a proper drum solo.
  • Liam McNally – I was surprised to find myself liking Liam’s song tonight. A bit like a lot of the singers this year though, I can’t see myself ever buying a record full of this (or indeed Chloe Hickinbottom’s wartime ditties).

So, over to you lot – who’s your favourite to win? I’m conflicted. For me, Tobias Mead or Twist & Pulse would be good. Connected probably have the best shot at a career in pop. For a while anyway. Do we rule out Liam McNally on [[Simon Cowell]]’s assertion that when his voice breaks it’s game over for his career?

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  1. Suetpud

    I really can’t guess who will win this year, normally we seem to have the front runners, ie Paul Potts, George Samson, Diversity and Susan Boyle, but this year it is very difficult to say. For various reasons I like most of them, the closeness between Tina and Chandie is remarkable and the dog is very talented, Connected will appeal to a lot of the young girls as well as mums, Keiran and Liam the same, and as for Janey, well I think for her age she is fantastic, she must have had a lovely voice when she was younger, I must admit I preferred No Regrets to her song in the semi final. I would love her to win. But if I had to say I think it will either be Connected as they have a big following, Paul Burling or Spellbound. Oh I give up I really don’t know, neither do I know who I want to win other than Janey and I really don’t think she well.

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