Britain’s Got Talent 2010 Final – Did you vote? And for who?

After watching all acts, my vote would go to Tobias Mead if I could vote from Holland.

Tobias really excelled.

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  1. Lisa McGarry

    I have voted for Tobias Mead and Spelbound and am considering voting for Janey Cutlet too just because I feel so sorry for her.


    I think Spelbound will win though, they were truly astounding tonight and it would be nice to see a really different act get through for a change don’t you think. I’m a bit fed up with dancers now LOL

  2. Suetpud

    Would not like to say who will win they were all good in their own way, I felt for Janey though as she blue me away in the first audition, I just hope people don’t penalise her because of it. Somehow think it will be something different winning tonight, ie not a singer or dancer.

  3. denisegerm

    Couldn’t vote as living in Ireland, but I was absolutely gutted that Christopher Stone didn’t win. Anyone else think he has the most phenomenal voice, and is also very easy on the eye ! He’s wasted as an accountant.

  4. slaneyvalley

    I tend to never vote on any of these programmes, be it BBC, ITV or Channel 4. I have never trusted these phone lines since the many many scandels of fixed vote phoning were exposed.

    I am. however, very pleased that Spellbound won. They were by far the most outstanding (even better than Diversity last year) and would be fantastic (as Amanda mentioned) as part of an opening act for the 2012 Olympics. I would have liked Christoher Stone to have been second or even third. He has a brilliant singing voice and I really do hope that doors open for him. He deserves to be acknowledged.

    And, I might add, if I see another dance group on TV it will be one too many.


  5. rarescarlett

    Spelbound winning, will do great things for British Gymnastics, and it would be lovely to see something like that for the opening of the olympics as Amanda so suggested, the shame is that, that type of gymnastics is not an olympic sport.  Acrobatics compete in the World Championship Acrobatics, but unfortunately, none of the gymnasts in Spelbound will be competing at the olympics, unless people start campaigning as I  (an assistant gymnastics coach at Deerness Valley Gym Club) will be doing.  These kids do some great things and unfortunately without so much recognition.  If you can please join the campaign and get the ball rolling.  If nothing else, this should hopefully encourage youngsters in Britain to get off there Xboxes and use their bodies for something wonderful.


  6. rrhill

    Will these young flying boys still be able to fly in a few years time… or will they gain weight (like me) and never make it off the ground.

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