Britain’s Got Talent 2011: Birmingham Auditions


My daughter auditioned in Birmingham on the 13th December and I just spoke to BGT and they said that we should hear about call backs this week!  Not sure if that means by Sunday 16th or if that includes next week.  If we havent heard anything by next week I would say its safe to say you’re not on ! Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone


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  1. molly19700

    Hi everyone who is waiting to hear. if you don’t get through try not to let it get you down. I know several people that I would consider to have outstanding talent and they haven’t heard anything so far. It’s not a reflection on your talent more of a numbers game and a bit of a lottery I think. They need the bad people on as well or we wouldn’t all love watching the programme at the audition stages. REmember they also need a good variet of acts as that’s what it’s all about -That’s not to take anything away from the people that do get through – good luck to everyone. xxx 

  2. alisonrooks01

    I actually got to speak to someone today and asked if they had made all the call backs for the Liverpool live auditions.  The guy told me they were only just starting to make calls and if you hadn’t heard by early next week, say Mon/Tue then it was a no no.  Hope this helps anyone out there who is as fed up as my daughter.  Please have a look at her and comment on youtube.  Search for Livvy Rooks.


    1. Geraldine

      Hi Alison

      Your daughters really talented, if she doesnt get on maybe shes too talented for the show!

      Have a look at my daughter shes 15, log on to MUZU type in Rebecca James Youve Lost Me – shes desperate to get on BGT too but she thinks she hasnt got on as time is ticking along, fingers crossed for everyone


      1. alisonrooks01

        Hi  Thank you for your comment.  We have just watched the above video clip and all I will say is, There is no justice!  I think you just have to keep believing in yourself.  She cetainly deserves it.

  3. Kevin Smith

    Thanks for those who have posted for Birmingham!

    I’ve had a call to say shortlisted but not confirmed yet… I am over 16 but can’t say what I am doing…

    The Mail article was worrying let’s hope they give a chance to the real people that it is what it is about πŸ˜‰

    The BGT have been very helpful so far so thanks to them

    I’ll post more when I know what is happening

    Good luck everyone





    1. iCherr

      I auditioned too and I’m wondering if I’m through or not, I have no idea but I don’t know if the ACTUAL audition is next week? πŸ™

      1. michelle

        Hi iCherr, The auditions infront of the judges in Birmingham are at the Alexandra,at the end of next week, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. From Michelle

          1. michelle

            I don’t know but I’m thinking that everyone who as got through would have been told by now it’s cutting it a bit fine if they haven’t told people yet.

  4. sOph.

    Yes michelle thats probably true, but one person said they only found out they got an audition for glasgow yesterday and the auditions on tuesday πŸ˜› the birmingham auditions are after that so we could still find out, Also have people found out by email or phone? x

    1. michelle


  5. mila100495

    Hey everyone

    I have just called the Britains got talent and they told me that the auditions are for Birmingham from 10th- 13th of February if that helps

    1. michelle

      Hi mila100495,

                      If you go on to ‘’ they are taking bookings for the public to see  the Birmingham Auditions at the Alexandra Theatre on Sat 29th Jan at 12.15 &17.15,  Sun 30th Jan at 12.15 & 17.15 and Mon 31st Jan at 12.15 & 17.15  These are the dates that have been set for a while now. So not sure what’s going on. xx 

  6. lacea

    No, 10th -13th February is the London reveal weekend, where the 300 successful acts will be told if they are through to to the semis.

  7. debbiesuny

    hi   my 2 sons applied seperately to bgt in birmingham in december…my younger son whos six got shortlisted ..and i had to apply for a performance licence …but i never heard anything else   i rang today and they said if he was through he would of recieved a letter e mail or phone call by now…so if nobody has heard yet your not through(or so he told me) my son is devastated as he thought cus he was shortlisted he would go …good luck to all though x

  8. lacea

    Hi Debbie, unfortunately thats the way BGT work, they have no campassion for any age, My daughter was shortlisted for another area and after 9 phone calls, 2 emails, the licence, a phone call about equipment, a 45 minute interview, where they gave us the date and told us they would call back with a time to arrive, we got a text message the night before she was due to go to say they did not plan to put her in front of the judges, she was completely devastated also. Tell your son not to give up, he must have something, next year might be his time. x

    1. poodlemum

      I personally was able to perform and pleased to get three yesses but I felt so sorry for the two other people who were to perfomr with me. Some time after my first auditon. I had a call from the producers saying that they wanted me to go through but wuld it be possible for me to other some more dogs with me in my act. I argued about it as it was so late in the day and insisted that it was just  me and Teddy. Then I got thinking it over and quickly got two other members who were willing to work in the background backing me. I got back in touch with BGT the next day and my members had a very fantic week. Going through what we were to do. Getting the performing licenses, emails, phone calls, and interviews. Then the night before told they could not come on the stage with me. I believe that they tried to contact them but couldn’t (they may well have been in bed with such an early start the next day)

      In itself this was not such a great concern as they both were prepared to just be there with their dogs to support me during the day. They had club uniform and everything. But I got mobile phone message just before I arrived that they were not even allowed to bring their dogs into the theatre, even with the license. One person had driven all the way from Suthampton and the other from Chippenham. Originally I was to go back with this person but as she had to leave I had to buy a Β£17 return ticket when I would have bought a much cheaper advance return ticket. I also felt that obliged to still pay travel expensesout of our club funds which I have yet to do. I am very happy for myself but this episode has somewhat dampened my enthuasism.

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