Britain’s Got Talent: Janey Cutler, Twist and Pulse through to Saturday’s final

Scottish grandmother Janey Cutler and dance double-act Twist & Pulse are the two acts from Thursday night’s semi-finals to progress to the Britain’s Got Talent final on Saturday. They join acts like Tobias Mead, Christopher Stone and Spelbound who’ll be competing to win the show this weekend.

In Britain’s Got Talent, the first winner is the one who got the most votes and they’re put through to the finals straight away. The second and third placed contestants are then brought on stage and the judges choose who to keep and who to send home.

Tonight’s clear winner was show closer Janey Cutler. Janey had a good level of tabloid coverage following her first audition, which always helps. Closing the show would also have worked to her advantage. But more than anything else, she just comes across as a charming woman with a surprisingly powerful voice.

The judge’s choice was between dance duo Twist & Pulse and dance troupe The Fusion. While Piers told Twist & Pulse that they were too similar to Tobias Mead, he ultimately put the quirky duo through. Simon opted for The Fusion based on their performance this evening, leaving Amanda with the casting vote. She told the acts that she would choose based on who she thought could win, before putting Twist & Shout through.

On a personal note, I think both acts are worthy finalists. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing them both on Saturday night’s show.

Confirmed finalists

  • Connected
  • Tina & Chandie
  • Tobias Mead
  • Spelbound
  • Paul Burling
  • Christopher Stone
  • Janey Cutler
  • Twist & Pulse

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    I like four acts so far (the above) and the funny guy. I think the other day Si, was on another plannet (must be love) but yesterday he was his self again and he should not change. I love Marmite ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ToastedDalek

     ah nice twist and pulse got through and janey if either of these acts win ill be well happy and if janey does then scotland will finally win at something ๐Ÿ˜€

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