Britain’s Got Talent: Kieran Gaffney and Liam McNally progress to Saturday’s final

The last semi-final for [[Britain’s Got Talent 2010|Britain’s Got Talent]] delivered some serious shocks tonight!

Young drummer Kieran Gaffney was the outright winner on the evening. As I explained yesterday, that means that he had the most public votes on the night. An exuberant Kieran said of his win, “It’s been a big journey and I don’t want to stop now. I’m ready for it, all the way.”

The two runner-up acts were singer Liam McNally and dancing brothers A3. [[Piers Morgan]] commented that A3 made some mistakes, but that Liam will find himself in tough comeptition alongside the other singing finalists. He opted to go with Liam. [[Amanda Holden]] swings in the other direction and casts her vote for A3.

With the casting vote, [[Simon Cowell]] pointed out issues with both acts. He told Liam McNally that because this might be his last chance to audition for the show before his voice breaks. Although he sent Liam through to Saturday night’s final, I’m getting the impression that he doesn’t expect a long-term singing career for the kid. My feeling is that Simon’s comments may ultimately hurt Liam’s chances tomorrow.

Boyband JLS performed their latest single, The Club Is Alive before lending their support to fledgling boyband Connected for the final. They commented that with some development, Connected could be a great pop act.

Confirmed finalists

  • Connected
  • Tina & Chandie
  • Tobias Mead
  • Spelbound
  • Paul Burling
  • Christopher Stone
  • Janey Cutler
  • Twist & Pulse
  • Kieran Gaffney
  • Liam McNally

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  1. slaneyvalley

    I think the best two of tonights semi were the right ones to go through to the final. However my concern is that the winners of each indivual semis as elected by the public surely means that the five winners must be the favourite to reach the top five, with one of them being the ultimate winner. Unless there is an about turn whereby people who voted for acts that did not suceed in advancing might just vote for other acts and it could mean the top five (as voted by the public) need not necessarily win. So it will be interesting to see how things pan out. But well done to the two who deservely got through tonight.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I suppose that depends on each winning act getting a similar number of votes each night. But you’re quite right, if somebody pulls it out of the bag on Saturday, they may attract more votes.

      I have to say, with the exception of Connected, I can’t see anybody that I really want to win it.

  2. The Roberts Clan

    One thing that crossed my mind is that if Liam was to win it then his voice may very well break before the Royal Variety show. Have to agree that Simon just seemed to put him through because he felt he wouldn’t get to this point ever again.

    Plenty of male singers carry on performing after their voice has broken though. Aled Jones was famous for singing Walking in the Air as a choir boy and is still regularly seen singing on Welsh TV. Although he’s not to my taste no longer being a choir boy and singing in that style didn’t mean he could never sing again

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