Britain’s Got Talent: Paul Burling and Christopher Stone progress to the finals

Paul Burley was crowned the winner of the third Britain’s Got Talent semi-final tonight. The impressionist received rave reviews from the judging panel during his performance earlier in the evening.

The runners-up were dancers Peridot and accountant-slash-singer Christopher Stone. Piers opted to save Christopher Stone, and Amanda followed suit, complimenting Christopher for his confident performance. When asked by Ant & Dec, [[Simon Cowell]] said that he would actually have chosen Peridot, given the choice.

In a refreshingly angry exit interview, one of a clearly disgruntled Peridot said:

It’s very disappointing. I’m a bit upset that we were compared to last year’s act. I already stated that we’re different. We’re Peridot. We’re unique. We do our own style. What you saw today was our own style.There’s no point in coming out here and doing what everybody else does.

There were a few shock eliminations. I think we all expected The Arrangement to fare slightly better. Likewise, we’d all assumed that Chloe Hickinbottom might have squeezed through, perhaps being popular with certain sections of the BGT audience.

On a personal level, I’m quite annoyed that Paul Burling got through to the finals. As I commented on my earlier post, Paul doesn’t have a great range of voice he can mimic. And his other problem is that he barely has a comedy act. Think about Rory Bremner and Jon Culshaw: these guys can do contemporary voices, celebrities and politicians and they can come up with entertaining satire.

I’ve got to pour cold water on Christopher Stone. Yawn… We’ve seen you before, Mr Stone. You were Paul Potts in year one, and Susan Boyle in year three. You’re the regular person on the street with a great singing voice. However, it was [[Amanda Holden]] who took the inflated claims of Christopher Stone’s to ridiculous levels, with “you could lead any show anywhere in the world”. Ah, come on Amanda. Surely you’re being coy? Why not the galaxy? Why not the universe?

All I saw was a rather dull looking guy singing a song well, but without any real charisma. Yawn. Not a great night for BGT. The Arrangement would have been a far more entertaining bet.

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  1. rrhill

    Christopher Stone is no Susan Boyle! Not in his dreams. He lacks the likability factor.  Janey Cutler could be…

    “I’m a bit upset that we were compared to last year’s act”
    The guy from Paridot shouldn’t worry too much about it, no comparison possible with last years dance acts, and Paridot’s boring performance. Not worth a third place in my opinion.

    Who’ll perform tomorrow?

  2. slaneyvalley

    I can’t understand how Paul Burling won this semi-final. I cringed whilst watching him and thought he was a terrible comedian (if that’s what you would really call him). He over-reacted and went OTT with his performance. Very UNFUNNY in my opinion. Better acts than him were on the show tonight, I particulary liked ‘The Arrangements’ and really felt that they should have gone through. I also thought Peridot were not really up to scratch. I was expecting a lot more dancing with twists and turns but it was all about body movement. I was not very impressed with Christopher Stone either, a one night wonder, don’t know what Amanda and Piers were thinking off by putting him through but I’d rather he went through more that Peridot. Judges must have been smoking the ganga tonight.

  3. Ageing tart

    Paul Burling was great tonight he has a great deal of voices up his sleeve and can do very much the same job as John Culshaw who we all have admired so much in the past. So TV is obviously the avenue Paul Burling needs to break into. This could be via BGT with maybe a comedy team membership to follow and then the usual TV breaks. That is the way ahead.

    This is what Paul has spent his life doing working towards that end goal via the campsites the clubs and pubs and small regional theatres.  We haven’t got the right to deny this man a podium by which he can display his talent for our entertainment.


    Re Christopher Stone there are at least 3.5 million people who will tell you Susan Boyle is not boring and they can’t possibly be wrong.  As this is the number who have alread bought and paid for her second Album. The first Album sold over 4 million and in terms of revenue she is laughing all the way to the bank.

    As for Paul Pots he to has his fans and again they will tell you he is anything but boring. As the winner of the first series of  BGT he to has done well. So BGT does seem to be a stepping stone for those singers who are real living experienced and practiced singers from the regions. In terms of Paul Pots we still hear of him so his marketed and visible career seems extended beyond what the X factor offers its winners and losers. 

    Again re Christopher Stone yes Amanda is right he could do a West End Show in London, but there is nothing wrong with shows in the regions and personally as this guy seems to lack confidence I would have thought the regions would have been the best way to build that confidence up. *I don’t accept the sob story in the background about Daddy selling the family home to move into a flat above a shop. I think there were family reasons for doing this not that it was so christopher could get musical training. After all perfectly good University courses exist which offer musical training in Theatre Studies or classical music PDC’s etc and they would not require you to sell your home and go into serious debt.

    On the subject of his ability he is above average and to the vast majority of people listening in he will sound excellent to them. From the singers tonight he was the best voice although there was not much competition there as the majority of tonights show seemed to consist of several dance acts and I must admit i am now tired of those.

    Maybes the show title should be changed to BG dance acts.


    Ageing tart


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